Roze Mountain

Roze Mountain

founder: Morgane Rozenberg
course: International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program + Certificate in Cosmetic Stability Testing

Graduation year: 2018
Launch year: 2020
location: Belgium
Hero product: Anti-Pollution cleanser

Brand overview

Roze Mountain is the dream of two friends, two Belgian entrepreneurs who understand what it’s like to have a busy lifestyle…We understand that time is precious and life is too short. That’s why we have combined our passion and know-how to create an Anti-Pollution, Middle Eastern-inspired skincare brand for people on the go. More than a shared vision about safe, ethical and plant-based cosmetics, we are a bridge between differences, with a mix of Belgian, Moroccan, Middle-Eastern and Congolese cultures in a bed of Jewish-Muslim traditions. And we have decided to take you with us on this amazing adventure to cherish your skin with all the goodness that Mother Nature has to offer. 


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