Botanical Soulmates

founder: Isabel Dumas
course: Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science + The Lab
Graduation year: 2021
location: Spain
Hero product: Botanical Soulmates Day-Cream

Brand overview

Botanical Soulmates harmoniously combines innovation in cosmetic science with powerful botanical extracts that have been used for centuries by the people of Ibiza for their skin-beneficial properties. Founder Isabel Dumas was inspired by the wisdom handed down over time by Ibizan country women, which made her aware of the power of plants. She credits Formula Botanica for helping her research these botanicals further and develop her formulation skills.

The active ingredients used in Botanical Soulmates cosmetic products are of plant origin and from bio-sustainable crops. They are processed into unique cosmetic formulas to stimulate the relationship between mind and skin. The scientifically proven, skin-beneficial potential of the vibrant plant pigments and aromas used in Botanical Soulmates cosmetics both stimulate skin health and promote a blissful state of mind. Botanical Soulmates rebalances and slows down the whole skin ageing process through the use of cold-pressed plant oils, potent antioxidant botanical extracts and skin-beneficial vitamins.

“First, I credit the school for helping me develop my formulation skills. Studying at Formula Botanica fueled my passion even more because of its super entertaining and intriguing way of teaching. However difficult it was at times to juggle family, studying and starting my new brand, the Formula Botanica community gave me a drive to move forward and not look back.”


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