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Masterclass Schedule
How to Become an Organic Skincare Formulator
Mon, April 19th
How to Choose Botanical Ingredients
Thu, April 22nd
How to Preserve Skincare Naturally
Sun, April 25th
How to Become an Organic Skincare Entrepreneur
Wed, April 28th
Meet Formula Botanica
Formula Botanica is the accredited online Organic Cosmetic Science School. Serving over 12,000 students in 175+ countries, we teach our award-winning online courses to show the world that anyone can formulate and to empower our students to change their lives through organic skincare.
We've taught in all these countries!
What will you learn in the Masterclass?
Lesson 1: 
How to Become an Organic Skincare Formulator
  • Learn what sets successful natural skincare brands apart from others.
  • ​Study the 3 steps required for your natural formulation philosophy.
  • ​Watch the Formula Botanica team formulate a natural lotion in less than 90 seconds.
  • Receive our special bonus worksheet to lay the foundations for your organic skincare business.
Lesson 2: 
How to Choose Botanical Ingredients 
  • ​Learn how to set yourself apart from DIYers by understanding how to confidently work with your ingredients.
  • Study Lorraine's 6-step approach to researching botanical skincare ingredients. 
  • ​Watch the Formula Botanica team create a soothing blue botanical face cream.
  • Receive our special bonus worksheet to learn how to research your skincare ingredients.
Lesson 3: 
How to Preserve Skincare Naturally
  • ​Learn how to create natural skincare that contains water and is naturally - and safely - preserved. 
  • Study the most important steps for protecting your formulations, your business and your customers.
  • ​Watch the Formula Botanica team ensure our natural facial lotion is safely preserved.
  • Receive our special bonus 12-step natural preservative checklist.
Lesson 4: 
How to Become an Organic Skincare Entrepreneur
  • ​Learn what it takes to become an organic skincare entrepreneur (hint: you can do this too!).
  • Hear all about Formula Botanica's amazing graduates and how they are changing the world through organic skincare.
  • Discover if you are ready to take that all-important step of becoming an organic skincare formulator and entrepreneur.
  • Find out which education you'll need to get started and how having your own beauty business can change your life forever.
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