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Formula Botanica is extremely proud of its graduates. These Formula Botanica graduates fly the flag for natural and organic skincare all around the world. All of the people running these companies have trained with Formula Botanica and have used the knowledge and skills gained from our courses to launch or grow their business. We strongly support these businesses and we hope you do too.

BYBI Beauty

Started by Dominika Minarovic and Elsie Rutterford, BYBI Beauty was founded as part of the Clean Beauty Co brand with the intention of being pioneers in natural beauty industry in the UK. Made with active botanicals and luxurious ingredients that feed your skin and hair; high quantities of their favourite plants, nuts, flowers and seeds. All the anti-ageing, super-moisturising, ultra-nourishing goodness that hasn’t been diluted down with pointless fillers. Better for your skin, better for your body, better for the environment and better for you.

Read more about Dominika, Elsie and BYBI Beauty here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - BYBI Beauty
Okoko Cosmetiques

OKOKO Cosmétiques is a Canadian based small skincare company run by Oyeta Kokoroko offering results oriented luxury facial treatments for radiant, younger looking skin. Each creation is handmade using fresh, high quality ingredients revealing exquisite scents and handcrafted botanical extracts that we have assembled through years of searching for the finest and most precious materials. OKOKO’s effective line of facial treatments is made with meticulous care, using beautiful ingredients and intelligent formulation to offer you a one-of-a-kind experience for a visible beauty renewal.

Read more about Oyeta and OKOKO Cosmetiques here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Oyeta Kokoroko in Apron
Metta Skincare

Anca trained with Formula Botanica and then went on to launch Mettā Skincare in Australia. Mettā Skincare is a range of natural skincare products created for you and your skin with an environmental and social consciousness. Using 100% natural ingredients and established relationships with local and international artisan producers, Mettā Skincare helps you reconnect your skincare routine to nature through a practice of loving-kindness for your skin.

Read more about Anca and Mettā Skincare here…

Formula Botanica graduate - Anca Grigoras

Khulan is Mongolia’s first organic skincare entrepreneur. In 2014 she set up LHAMOUR Skincare, to sell organic skincare products in Mongolia and beyond. Her wonderful brand has been the first to be certified organic by the Mongolian government and she is now selling the first Mongolian bath bombs. Khulan has many plans, including growing and cold pressing her own plant oils to use in her own skincare and sell through the Far East (and rest of the world!). Khulan has followed a number of Formula Botanica’s courses and is going to take the world by storm with her wonderful brand.

Read more about Khulan and LHAMOUR here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Khulan Davaadorj
Lilfox Miami

LilFox Botanicals was born in the lush jungle of Miami, Florida, USA. Created by Alexis Rose after studying with Formula Botanica, LilFox is the culmination of her most sensory passions. A place where organic botanical aromas, crystals collected from deep within the earth and a love of natural beauty meet to enhance your foxiest luxury experience. She invites you to follow the fox deep into the forest and bring the enchanted spa home…

Read more Alexis and LilFox Botanicals here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Madame Fox
Be Fraiche Skincare

Be Fraîche is an Australian-owned and made all-natural skincare company that creates natural, sensory and active skincare for belles and beaux who love smooth, healthy and balanced skin. Run by Formula Botanica graduate Helen Dao, the products at Be Fraîche are formulated by fusing together the most powerful Asian and Western ingredients and French aromas. Helen mills and sterilises her own Adzuki bean powder to ensure its purity and freshness and carefully selects the high-quality essential oils to create products that not only smell great but also are effective.

Read more about Helen and Be Fraîche here…

Helen Dao
Atlantis Skincare

Zane spent her childhood in the meadows and woods of Latvia and was influenced by her mother who was a traditional medicinal doctor with a strong love of plants. Zane created Atlantis Skincare and Vauva Natural (her children’s line of skincare) to create a luxury brand of natural formulations for the face and body. She joined the Formula Botanica community in 2015 and found that our courses changed her life.

Read more about Zane and Atlantis Skincare here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Zane Piese Atlantis Skincare
Wild Beauty Apothecary

Yelena is an organic skincare formulator who believes in the superpowers of plants. Advocating for a holistic approach to beauty, she trusts in nature’s ability to provide everything your skin needs. Yelena grew up in one of the greenest countries of Europe – Latvia. Imagine a place full of untouched wild green forests with an abundance of tall, stunning pine trees, birch trees, a home for wild berries, mushrooms, moss, animals and many other wonders. Yelena’s background has inspired the launch of Wild Beauty Apothecary and gives Yelena the opportunity to help others find wellbeing in beauty.

Formula Botanica Graduate - Yelena
Jalue Ice Therapy

Jalue ice therapy skincare, which harnesses ancient understandings of the healing power of herbs and contemporary application of cryotherapy, was inspired by a Russian tradition that dates back to Catherine II (1729- 1796), otherwise known as Catherine the Great. Founded by Azerbaijani Entrepreneur Jale Demirchi in Turkey, Jale designed her brand Jalue in order to calm, nourish and protect your skin with the power of ice.

Read more about Jale and Jalue here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Jale Demirchi

Kypwell was founded by Inna Orlova, Formula Botanica graduate and entrepreneur. The brand was inspired by the healing power of the herbs and plants of Cyprus, as well as seeking to promote the Mediterranean island’s traditional values and focus on essentials of life, health, family and friends. Kypwell goes way beyond ‘just’ a skincare brand however, as the brand also runs a wellbeing club, which is a holistic center offering personalized solutions for the body, mind and overall wellbeing.

Read more about Inna and Kypwell here…

Kypwell Inna Orlova
L'abeille Natural Alchemy

L’abeille (which means ‘The Bee’ in French) is a story of Karen Potgieter’s heritage and her home country. Having French decent, but being born and raised in South Africa, she decided to combine her love for both by creating L’abeille. Her formulations combine exquisite African oils with some outstanding high performance actives, some being harvested off the breathtakingly beautiful coastline of Brittany, France. The floral extracts and honey used in L’abeille would not be possible without Karen’s bee colonies, which are so important for the sustainable existence of all their beautiful flowers, hence the use of L’abeille as Karen’s brand name.

Read more about Karen and L’abeille

Karen Potgieter
V.Simplicity Logo

Meet Mother & Daughter duo Valerie and Naomi who run V Simplicity in the UK. Valerie studied with Formula Botanica on our Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and in 2017, they launched V Simplicity. The inspiration for their brand name came from their love of the simplicity of nature’s unique plants and how their therapeutic properties have been used in skincare  in many cultures for thousands of years.

Read more about Valerie and V Simplicity

V Simplicity
Qi Cosmetics

Qi Cosmetics is a Romanian business which sells beautiful natural products designed to restore skin health from inside to outside. This exquisite skincare range is made using only natural ingredients and all products are made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. The business is run by Bianca Mitrea who came to study Formula Botanica’s Advanced Diploma to enhance her existing formulation skills. Bianca and her lovely business have been widely featured throughout Romanian media.

Read more about Bianca and Qi Cosmetics here…

Bianca Mitrea
Native Essentials

Native Essentials is a beautiful collection of organic artisanal skincare products. Started by Daniela Pelonara, Native Essentials’ products are made with ethnically sourced premium natural and organic ingredients, effective and intelligent formulations, meticulous craftsmanship, fully recyclable packaging and, most of all, passion.

Read more about Native Essentials and Daniela Pelonara here…

Daniela Pelonara
Field Botanicals

Jennifer Tinsley is the Founder of Field Botanicals, a gorgeous brand developed with plant based, all natural botanicals that heal, protect and nourish the body, mind and soul. Jennifer hopes to evoke a feeling of being in a field of plants or flowers, regardless of where you are. She likes to think it brings the field to the city and brings the user the benefits of plants no matter where she is geographically.

Read more about Jennifer and Field Botanicals here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Jennifer Tinsley
Mimi's Organics

Rumbi launched Mimi’s Organics in 2014. Mimi’s Organics is a real heart-based business, both in how it’s run and the reasons why it exists. The business represents both quality and care in the organic skin care sector, by creating food grade based products that use only natural, organic quality, ethically traded raw materials. Using ingredients such as Neem, avocado, cocoa and shea butters, as well as oils like rosehip, squalane and sea buckthorn, Rumbi has created her fabulous skincare range.

Read more about Rumbi and Mimi’s Organics here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Rumbi Serima Fowler
NESARA by Nicky

Nicky Lamba is based in Pune, India and started NESARA by Nicky in 2016. Nicky loves all things natural and wants to bring the principles of Ayurveda into her brand. Aspiring to extract the best from nature’s vast repertoire to recreate fresh and pure formulations, and achieve that perfect fusion of traditional and modern-day self-care, NESARA aims to create a place in the hearts of people.

Read more about Nicky and NESARA by Nicky here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Nicky Lamba
Slow Living China

Audrey is originally from France and has lived in China for the last 12 years. She created Slow Living in order to formulate plant-based products to help people slow down and reconnect with nature, especially in the heart of China’s busiest cities. Audrey formulates aromatherapy skincare to treat the main skin concerns in China: pollution, early-aging, oxidation, as well dehydration. Audrey creates her own formulations, teaches workshops and also designs custom-made skincare products for clients. All of Slow Living’s products are sold through WeChat.

Read more about Audrey and Slow Living China

Audrey Tournier

Marleen Maras founded Enfleur in Belgium because the name ‘Enfleur’ creates a sense of feminine, flowery and nice smelling products that she wanted to give to the world. Marleen took one of our early online courses and found that our teaching materials, as well as our supportive community, drove her forward in her business. She sells a range of high performance natural facial and body formulations.

Read more about Marleen and Enfleur

Marleen Maras Enfleur
Organic Beauty Co

Leah Jade runs an online retail store called Organic Beauty Co which is aimed at bringing together high quality, carefully selected, natural and certified organic skincare and cosmetics brands, from Australia and overseas in the one place. Leah studied with Formula Botanica to gain knowledge for selecting the brands she brings on board. Her course provided Leah with the knowledge to understand the ingredients and the role they play in the formulations.

Read more about Leah and Organic Beauty Co here…

Organic Beauty Co Leah Jade
Ovelly Naturals

Ovelly Naturals is a skincare brand run by Omole Olubukola. Omole makes natural skin care products for the average woman of colour who needs to nurture her skin and be beautiful. She uses both locally and internationally sourced high-quality ingredients to make a range of products that are safe, effective, affordable and classy. All products are handmade and in small batches so as to ensure all customers get the very best in quality freshness. As Omole says: “a product is no better than the quality of its ingredients!“.

Read more about Omole and Ovelly Naturals here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Ovelly Naturals
Sekretet e Natyres

Eriona Xhaferaj is a Pharmacist, Organic Skincare Formulator and the Founder of Sekretet e Natyres or Secrets of Nature. Eriona runs her own shop in Tirana, Albania, where she creates and formulates beautiful innovative natural skincare products. Eriona is strongly convinced that nature is the most important thing in our mind, soul and health and she filters this message through into all aspects of her business.

Read more about Eriona and Sekretet e Natyres here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Eriona
Old Faithful

Gareth hand makes, blends and bottles aromatic and therapeutic beard and shave oils in south Wales. He developed an interest in oils whilst researching ways to sleep better when suffering with a prolapsed disc. With lots of time on his hands Gareth became absorbed in reading about the therapeutic benefits of oils and their uses. He learned about shaving with oils and was shocked to see the results – he experienced a closer, smoother shave with the shave oil he had created himself.  So Old Faithful was born!

Read more about Gareth Daniel and Old Faithful here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Gareth Daniel
Ethereal Aromatherapy & Skin Care

Alita Terry is a Licenced Esthetician and the Founder of Ethereal Aromatherapy & Skin Care. She provides high performance organic facial masques for her clients as part of her esthetician’s services. Alita is based in Harlem, New York and loves using organic and high performance ingredients to treat her clients’ skin. If you are in the New York area, be sure to check out Alita’s products and services!

Read more about Alita and Ethereal Aromatherapy & Skin Care here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Alita Terry
Formula Botanica Graduate - Blue Labelle

Pascale came to Formula Botanica to build on her existing knowledge of natural skincare and strengthen her business based on the Isle of Wight in the UK, Blue Labelle. She has a passion for all things natural, especially skincare, & has been making botanical oil blends since 2006 when she discovered the amazing benefits of natural nut, seed, & essential oils. Pascale’s range of products will leave your skin soft & nourished as well as smelling gorgeous.

Read more about Pascale and Blue Labelle here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Pascale Blue Labelle
Balm Kitchen

Teresa Foo is the founder of Balm Kitchen in Singapore. She develops products for dry and itchy skin and specialises in body care and lip care. As Balm Kitchen grew, so did Teresa’s interest in the science of natural skin care formulations which is how she ended up studying with Formula Botanica. She is particularly interested in formulating customised products as she believes every skin profile is unique.

Formula Botanica Graduate - Teresa Foo
Skin Dewi

Dewi Kauw started SkinDewi in Indonesia in 2015 to create her own natural skincare range using high performance extracts. Her products include Indonesian botanical ingredients, as well as cosmeceuticals known for their skin performance. Dewi teaches organic skincare workshops in Indonesia (Jakarta) and Singapore and as if that all wasn’t enough, she also sells cosmetic ingredients for formulators around Southeast Asia.

Formula Botanica Graduate - Dewi Kauw
Handmaids Cosmetic

Handmaids Cosmetic was founded by Maia Mitreva, Formula Botanica’s first Bulgarian graduate. Maia likes to say that her business ‘started with a rash’. She couldn’t find a solution to heal a skin problem she had and then turned to traditional Bulgarian herbal medicine. It worked beautifully and after that she was hooked on natural, simple, pure cosmetics. After a couple of years of formulating, testing and developing, she now run Handmaids Cosmetic and sells balms, creams and salves.

Read more about Maia and Handmaids Cosmetic here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Maia Mitreva
Conatural International

Myra Qureshi founded Conatural in Pakistan with her sister Rema in 2014. After working in London for a decade, she moved to Pakistan and was amazed at the dearth of organic and natural cosmetic and personal care products in the market. Even the ones that were being sold as “organic” or “all-natural” were full of synthetic chemicals. Myra is allergic to many chemicals which gave her the idea to set up an organic and skincare brand in Pakistan that sold quality products at affordable prices. Conatural has been featured widely and is gaining a great following in Pakistan.

Read more about Myra and Conatural here…

Formula Botanica - Myra Qureshi
Frecklefarm Organics

Frecklefarm Organics is an artisan organic luxury skincare + beauty line founded by Juliana Kuzminova-Diaz. This lovely skincare range was born of Juliana’s passion for alchemy and applying nature’s anti-aging solutions to transforming your beauty inside and out. Juliana came to Formula Botanica to enhance her existing formulation skills and grow her business further. Frecklefarm Organics’ products are for enlightened, like minded, free-spirited, girls and guys that believe in modern day miracles, practice gratitude daily and care as much about nourishing their soul as they do about their physical body.

Read more about Juliana and frecklefarm organics here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Juliana Kuzmoniva
Alexa Sky Botanicals

Alexandra Paulino started Alexa Sky Botanicals in 2015 to create her gorgeous range of natural skincare products. Alexandra feels strongly that we should all look and feel good naturally because we all deserve healthy, happy skin. Alexandra’s range includes health, beauty and anti-ageing skincare products that are natural and highly effective with organic plant and flower oils, aromatic waters, herbs, clays and active botanical extracts with pure therapeutical qualities. The gentleness of Alexa Sky Botanicals’ products and the efficacy of their ingredients provide amazing results and cumulative health benefits for people of all skin types.

Formula Botanica Graduate - Alexandra Paulino
R Devine Skin Care

Rachel is a Certified Aesthetician and Spa Owner in Ontario, Canada. She has won many awards for her spa and is a well-known personality in the local beauty industry. The next logical step for Rachel was to launch her own skincare brand! She came to Formula Botanica to give herself confidence in formulating and then created the gorgeous R Devine Skin Care range.

Read more about Rachel and R Devine Skin Care here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Rachel Devine-Square

Joshua set up Holiskin after exploring his love of aromatherapy as well as training with Formula Botanica. He has created a beautiful range of toners, facial and body oils for men and women and sells his skincare from his base in New York. Joshua feels strongly that beauty products that are effective and safe for our health are not easy to find. This is why he has created a range of products using only ingredients that he considers safe to put on the skin.

Formula Botanica Graduate - Joshua Holiskin
Huna Apothecary

Heather runs huna NATURAL APOTHECARY where she creates professionally handcrafted organic skincare products which are formulated by combining the principles of botanical science, skin nutrition + mindful healthy-living. huna NATURAL APOTHECARY creates skincare by combining botanical research with organic skin-nourishing ingredients to create a line of ‘skin nutrition’. They favour local Canadian ingredients and choose minimally-processed, ethical and sustainably-sourced whole ingredients. huna skincare is vegetarian-friendly (with some vegan options too), never tests on animals and all of our skincare is biodegradable.

Read more about Heather and huna NATURAL APOTHECARY here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Heather Urquhart 2
Edible Beauty

Anna Mitsios, a naturopath and nutritionist, is the Founder of Edible Beauty Australia. She founded her business to offer luxury edible skin care products and wild-crafted teas which contain therapeutic botanicals designed to have you glowing both inside and out. Anna loves being able to provide women with easy ways of incorporating toxin-free beauty regimes into their busy lives. Edible Beauty Australia reflects her passion and belief in the therapeutic value of botanical herbs, which are abundant in her skincare products and beauty teas.

Read more about Anna and Edible Beauty Australia here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Anna Mitsios
Masla Skincare

Aleksandra is based in Virginia, USA and started MASLA Sensible Skincare in 2014 to sell her artisan collection of natural youth-preserving treatment oils. Aleksandra is proud esthetician and experienced natural skincare formulator. She had been formulating for a while when she came to Formula Botanica and followed our Advanced Diploma in Organic Skincare Science. She then realised that she could create her own line of skincare products drawing on her extensive knowledge and training. MASLA combines both natural and high-performance ingredients that have been thoroughly researched and carefully incorporated in powerful formulas.

Read more about Aleksandra and MASLA Skincare here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Aleksandra with oil
Andrea Ashley Co

Andrea Ashley Co is run by Canadian holistic health practitioner and Formula Botanica graduate Andrea Ellsworth. Andrea is the perfect example of a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has taken her love of natural and holistic skincare and created a wonderful business, selling her own customised holistic skincare, her own line of essential oils and creating her own gorgeous free magazine.

Read more about Andrea Ashley Co here…

Formula Botanica Graduate - Andrea Ashley
Potion Naked Essentials

Patricia Luzi trained with the School to strengthen her existing knowledge of natural skincare formulation and her brand of exquisite cosmetic blends, Po•tion Naked Essentials. Based in California, she is passionate about creating, crafting and blending organic formulas that cultivate ageless beauty and holistic wellness straight from the palm of nature. Her mission is to nurture and inspire your body, mind and spirit to achieve vitality and inner balance.


Patricia Luzi
Absolutely Pure

Absolutely Pure is a hand-picked boutique collection of the finest toxin-free skincare and beauty products. Every single product from the natural eyeshadow to the formulas that promote healthy hair and skin has been carefully reviewed and personally used by Sophie, founder of Absolutely Pure and graduate of Formula Botanica. All of the products are absolutely pure – the finest natural makeup, simple skin care solutions and hair styling products options for those who truly want to lead a healthier life.


Juliette was the School’s first graduate who went on to launch Bare Skin Beauty, an award-winning UK-based natural skincare business. Juliette’s mission is to create exquisite skincare, drawing upon her knowledge of nutrition, vitality and wellness. Bare Skin Beauty was borne out of her determination to formulate and hand produce skincare with love, made with the finest, raw ingredients for radiant, blissfully youthful, healthy skin.

Formula Botanica Graduate - Juliette Scarfe Square
Cognito Skincare

Sarah used her studies with Formula Botanica to strengthen her existing knowledge and skills in running her Cognito Skincare range here in the UK. Cognito specialises in handmade bath and body products, as well as candles. The highest quality of ingredients are used and products are made in small batches, ensuring freshness and effectiveness.

Sarah Cogin-Smith
Gorgeous Guineas

Demonstrating without a shadow of a doubt that there are many different niches to fill in skincare, Chrissie set up Gorgeous Guineas in 2003 to provide skincare solutions for guinea pigs. With qualifications in both Human and Animal Aromatics, Chrissie used her background to create products for specific skincare issues. She joined Formula Botanica in 2013 to increase her existing extensive knowledge of natural formulating.

Chrissie Gorgeous Guineas
Scott Skincare

Richard was one of Formula Botanica’s first male students (we’ve had many more since!) and set up Scott Skincare with Tom. Scott is a new premium skincare brand for men. Their mission is simple: to provide an impressive range of  effective products to enable men to look great and live an adventure-filled life. Scott will help men to achieve the perfect look, whilst encouraging them to get outside, see the world and live an adventure.

Richard Founder of Scott Skincare Square

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