Bedewed Skin

founder: Dr. Cedric Salone
course: International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program
Graduation year: 2021
location: United States
Hero product: Revitalizing Facial Serum

Brand overview

What started as a quest to quench his own skin turned into a business model focused on helping others heal their skin too. Dr. Cedric Salone, pharmacist and founder/CEO of Bedewed Skin, spent four years researching, experimenting and then using his own, unique formula of skincare. Created from non-medicated, plant-based ingredients, Bedewed Skin products use minimal fragrance and are formulated with clean, rich ingredients to combat dry, itchy skin for both men and women of all ages. With a background in pharmacy and having battled dry skin himself, Dr. Cedric Salone is confident his butters and oils will provide relief for anyone suffering from dry skin.

“Formula Botanica has taught me many things that I needed to know to expand my brand. I have become more comfortable working with ingredients that were new to me and were introduced during the course. Also, I have been able to advance my previous formulas thanks to my studies. The information learned in the courses Formula Botanica offers is priceless and well worth the money.”


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