Sara’s Lab

founder: Sara Onsten
course: International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program + Certificate in Organic Anti-Ageing Skincare
Graduation year: 2020
location: Sweden & Brazil
Hero product: Swedish Forest – Botanical Soap Bar

Brand overview

Sara’s Lab is led by its founder, Sara Onsten, and specialises in handcrafting botanical soap bars, natural cosmetics, and home scents that infuse vibrancy into everyday routines while simplifying them. With its roots firmly planted in both Sweden and Brazil, the brand draws inspiration from the lush Brazilian rainforests, captivating beaches, serene Swedish forests, charming countryside, and crystal-clear lakes. These landscapes not only inspire but are the very essence of Sara’s Lab creations.

Driven by the harmonious fusion of Swedish and Brazilian cultures and their awe-inspiring natural wonders, Sara’s Lab has a simple yet powerful mission: to infuse people’s daily lives with a bubbly, uplifting spirit. They strive to invigorate and inspire customers by simplifying their beauty routines with multifunctional, creative, and efficient solutions. Sara’s ultimate goal is to empower individuals to chase their dreams with a positive mindset and a sustainable lifestyle. Sara’s Lab exists to remind everyone that life is best enjoyed with a joyful spirit, in harmony with the bubbling energy of Sara’s Lab.

According to Sara, Formula Botanica has played a pivotal role in Sara’s Lab’s journey, providing essential knowledge to establish a successful beauty business. The courses equipped her with the tools necessary for researching natural ingredients, formulating innovative concepts, and thinking outside the box.

In her own words, “Formula Botanica helped me learn about natural ingredients, skincare formulation, and the beauty industry as a whole. It also ignited my belief that my dream of founding a natural skincare brand was achievable and could be turned into a reality.”


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