Melissa_Bayanzadeh from Merv

MÉRV Skincare

founder: Melissa Bayanzadeh
course: Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation
Graduation year: 2021
location: Canada
Hero product: Moonlight Renewal face oil

Brand overview

Founded by Melissa Bayanzadeh, MÉRV is Canadian-based skincare company offering a socially and environmentally-conscious skincare line that reflects its founder’s respect for the planet. Named after the city of Merv (مرو), an oasis located on the southern edge of the Karakum desert, the brand was born from Melissa’s sense of connection to the plentiful water reserves of this ancient oasis. Drawing inspiration from this once magnificent city, MÉRV was created to harness the power of nature in an effective skincare line.

Melissa started her career as a chemical & biological engineer and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over four years. She then completed her Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation with Formula Botanica, which helped her launch and grow MÉRV. She had been formulating her own skincare products for a few years before studying with Formula Botanica and always wanted to start her own skincare line. However, she felt she lacked confident knowledge of natural ingredients, and needed further training to formulate professionally and safely. Formula Botanica guided Melissa every step of the way and gave her the confidence to launch a skincare line that was natural, safe and effective.

Melissa launched her business in August 2020, while she was still a student. “Formula Botanica helped me immensely in researching effective natural ingredients and in making sure the products were safe to use and compliant with regulations. Also, the Formula Botanica community of students, tutors and graduates has been invaluable,” Melissa says.


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