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Charlotte Seijerlin from Comme Ca

Comme Ça Skincare

founder: Charlotte Seijerlin
course: Certificate in Cosmetic Stability Testing
Graduation year: 2019
location: The Netherlands
Hero product: Le Youth Sérum

Brand overview

Comme Ça, is a Dutch company with French roots – just like its creator: Charlotte Seijerlin. The brand creates luxury, natural and high-performance skincare products which are carefully formulated with the finest, plant-based, organic and wild-harvested ingredients, and are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids, and minerals to nourish and protect the skin. Comme Ça sources its ingredients from all over the world, and selects them with the utmost care to ensure that their products are formulated with nothing but the most effective, clean ingredients of the highest quality.

Charlotte made it her brand mission to offer gentle, natural and high-performance skincare products that bring visible results. Formula Botanica not only helped Charlotte to become a better skincare formulator (and is still doing so), but it also helped her to connect with other formulators who are at the same stage in business as she is. For Charlotte, Formula Botanica’s vast community of like-minded skincare formulators and entrepreneurs has proved a bonus; it is very supportive and on hand to consult whenever you have questions about anything industry related. Charlotte says that such a network is invaluable, especially when you are at the start of your journey and running a solopreneur business.


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