founder: Manjeet Kaur
course: International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program
Graduation year: 2021
location: United States of America
Hero product: Opulent Booste

Brand overview

MOOIE’Z ET PURE™ is a natural skincare platform which promotes the concept of positive ageing by spreading the message that “age is just a number, and that there is nothing officially anti about it”. It is the dream venture of Manjeet Kaur, who suffered significant changes to her skin, alongside other health issues, due to early menopause. She helped herself by switching to natural and organic ingredients in both her diet and skincare, and decided to help others facing similar conditions.

With the help of expert training, education, and support from Formula Botanica, she created MOOIE’Z ET PURE LLC, a company dedicated to creating skincare products using exotic, natural, and organic ingredients based on painstaking, thorough ingredient research and careful planning. The company’s goal is to create products that effectively beautify and cleanse the largest organ of our bodies, our skin, as we undergo the natural process of ageing. Just as we should take extra care of our health during our prime years, we should also take extra care of our skin during this beautiful phase of life termed “positive ageing”. MOOIE’Z ET PURE™ provides that extra care through its wonderful products to help usher you into this world of positive, graceful ageing.

Formula Botanica empowered Manjeet with the knowledge, skills, and training to become a skincare formulator. Its courses boosted her confidence, allowing her to believe in herself while providing her with excellent resources. Formula Botanica introduced her to a wonderful community of supporters, entrepreneurs, mentors, and fellow students who encouraged and guided her at every step and continue to do so. “Formula Botanica planted the seed of natural skincare formulation in me that I hope to grow into a fruitful tree one day,” she says.


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