Meet our Team

Formula Botanica is run by a team of people all around the world. Catering for many thousands of students in over 150 countries around the world, our global team consists of dedicated experts who aim to make your learning experience the very best it can possible be.

Lorraine Dallmeier | Formula Botanica

Lorraine Dallmeier

Lorraine owns and runs Formula Botanica. A biologist and environmental scientist by training, Lorraine lives in Exeter with her partner and 2 young sons. Lorraine is a Chartered Environmentalist, as well as a full Member of the Royal Society of Biology, the Society of Cosmetic Scientists and the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment.

Steph Kelby | Formula Botanica

Steph Kelby
General Manager 

Steph takes care of the day-to-day running of Formula Botanica, coordinating the team, overseeing all of the tech and making sure that we can deliver a fantastic learning experience for all of our students. Steph worked in the financial services industry before joining the school and also runs her own natural skincare business.

Timi Racz | Formula Botanica

Timi Racz
Head of Research & Formulation

Timi is our Head of Research and Formulation and is tasked with developing new course ideas, experimenting with the latest ingredients, running workshops and generally ensuring our students benefit from her amazing formulation skills. Timi has a background in education, is originally from Hungary and now lives in Plymouth. She is a member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

Eliziane Pozzagnolo | Formula Botanica

Eliziane Pozzagnolo
Student Experience Manager

Eliziane manages our Student Experience Team and provides technical advice for the ingredients research we undertake and provide. She makes sure our students and prospective students receive the best support they can get. Eliziane is a Pharmacist & Biochemist by training and has a background in cosmetic formulation development. She has a passion for scientific research specially from botanical ingredients from the diversity of her native Brazil.

Kelly Gill | Formula Botanica

Kelly Gill
Student Experience Coordinator

Kelly is a core member of our Student Experience Team and runs our busy communities, as well as looking after our students and graduates. Her background is in aromatherapy, massage therapies and yoga therapy, and she teaches classes and workshops in these areas.
Kelly lives in Leeds with her family.

Ana Green | Formula Botanica

Ana Green
Membership & Content Coordinator

Ana Green is our Content and membership site coordinator. She has been working on a super secret project launching in 2019 for our students and graduates. Ana also assists with the running of the popular Formula Botanica blog, where we cover all aspects of business and formulation. She is passionate about skincare and the beauty industry and also runs her own beauty blog – Ana Goes Green.

Glenda Taylor | Formula Botanica Team

Glenda Taylor

Glenda works in our Education Team as a Tutor and supports our students and develops new course projects. Glenda founded Balm Balm 100% Organic Skincare and is an aromatherapist, perfumer and natural formulation consultant. She has written two books and has created products for companies such as Lil-Lets, TIGI, Lexus, Arcadia, Little Me Baby Organics and Floracology.
Barbora Harmatova | Formula Botanica

Barbora Harmatova

Barbora Harmatova grades the coursework for our courses. Loving herbal ingredients runs in her family, as Barbora inherited her love of botanicals from her grandmother. Barbora has a background in teaching and is part of our busy tutor team. She lives in Bratislava, Slovakia with her family.

Jilly Schechter | Formula Botanica

Jilly Schechter
Teaching Assistant

Jilly Schechter grades the coursework for our advanced courses and helps our students become better formulators. She loves natural ingredients and has a background as a health practitioner. Jilly enjoys tinkering in her artisan lab with new ingredients. She lives in Belgium with her dog Mickey.

Angelica Dyer

Angelica Dyer
Student Adviser & Events Coordinator

Angelica is our Student Adviser and works in our busy Admissions and Student Support Team helpdesk, where we deal with thousands of enquiries every month. Angelica has a background in working with students in further education and supports our students and wider community with all of their queries. Angelica also coordinates our live online and offline events, including our big annual conference.

Iria Blanco Aragunde | Formula Botanica Team

Iria Blanco Aragunde
Student Adviser

Iria is our Student Adviser and works in our busy Admissions and Student Support Team helpdesk, where we deal with thousands of enquiries every month. Iria is from Northern Spain and now lives in Wales, where she loves the outdoors, old school rock & roll and roller skating.

Suresh Kumar | Formula Botanica

Suresh Kumar
IT Manager

Suresh has the daunting job of keeping our websites and platforms running smoothly. He has fixed all the tech hiccups we’ve experienced, and has helped us undergo multiple major platform upgrades to serve our student community. Suresh runs his IT development company Mango Software Solutions in Chandigarh, India.

Lewis Carr

Lewis Carr
eLearning Platform Developer

Lewis keeps our eLearning platform running at lightning speed. He is a specialist in Moodle design and hosting and runs his business AdaptiVLE in the north of England. Lewis started working with us in 2015 to help create our award-winning and accredited eLearning platform.


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