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Lorraine Dallmeier

Lorraine Dallmeier

Chief Executive Officer

Lorraine is our award-winning CEO, as well as a biologist and Chartered Environmentalist. She was awarded the 2018 Digital Achiever of the Year award from Cosmetic Executive Women and Google for her work in growing Formula Botanica from a tiny bootstrapped startup to a global education institution with 10,000+ students. Lorraine is a full Member of the Royal Society of Biology, the Society of Cosmetic Scientists and the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment. She lives in the southwest of England with her partner and two sons. Follow Lorraine on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Steph Kelby | Formula Botanica

Steph Kelby

Chief Operating Officer
Vicky Dalton | Formula Botanica Team

Vicky Dalton

Chief Administrative Officer

Student Experience Team

Every month we receive thousands of emails, calls, live chats, DMs and messages across social media. When you get in touch with us, the first person you get to speak to will be one of the awesome team members in our Admissions / Student Experience Team.

We work very hard to offer fantastic student support and customer service and want you to have a great experience when you contact Formula Botanica.

Eliziane Pozzagnolo | Formula Botanica

Eliziane Pozzagnolo

Head of Student Experience
Kelly Gill | Formula Botanica

Kelly Gill

Student Experience Coordinator
Sam Brack | Formula Botanica Team

Sam Brack

Student Adviser
Iria Blanco Aragunde | Formula Botanica Team

Iria Blanco Aragunde

Student Adviser
Sarah Wilson Laurence Henderson | Formula Botanica Team

Sarah Wilson

Student Adviser
Laurence Henderson | Formula Botanica Team

Laurence Henderson

Student Adviser
Beccy Sheller | Formula Botanica Team

Beccy Sheller

Student Adviser
Halle Abi Apphia | Formula Botanica Team

Halle Abi Apphia

Student Mentor
Sarah Butler | Formula Botanica Team

Sarah Butler

Student Mentor
Chele Jones | Formula Botanica Team

Chele Jones

Student Mentor

Janet McCall

Student Mentor
Lucia Mencarelli | Formula Botanica Team

Lucia Mencarelli

Student Mentor

Leona Dondi

Student Mentor

Ileana Henaway

Student Mentor

Suzanne Soto-Davies

Student Mentor

Education Team

We teach thousands of students across the world and our Education Team makes sure that you have a great experience while you study with us. When you get in touch with a tutor or have your coursework graded, you are speaking to a member from our Education Team.

Our Education Team wants to make sure you get through your course and enjoy studying at Formula Botanica! They also write many of the fantastic formulation blogs to drive forward our mission to teach the world to formulate naturally.

Ken Hoellmann | Formula Botanica Team

Ken Hoellmann

Head of Education
Timi Racz | Formula Botanica

Timi Racz

Consultant Formulator
Ana Green | Formula Botanica

Ana Green

Membership Coordinator

Brooke Medhurst

Formulation Tutor
Jilly Schechter | Formula Botanica

Jilly Schechter

Grading Tutor
Eliza Gong | Formula Botanica Team

Eliza Gong

Grading Tutor
Barbora Harmatova | Formula Botanica

Barbora Harmatova

Grading Tutor

Marketing & Tech Team

We love sharing great blogs, content, videos, livestreams and social media posts to educate, motivate and inspire the global green beauty movement. Our Marketing & Tech Team shares all of the fantastic content we produce for you, maintains our huge marketing systems behind the scene and runs the Formula Botanica platforms so that you can study on our website and award-winning eLearning platform.

Suresh Kumar | Formula Botanica

Suresh Kumar

IT Manager
AsiaKai Dang | Formula Botanica Team

AsiaKai Dang

Digital & Social Media Specialist
Liz Ayling | Formula Botanica

Liz Grech

Content Coordinator


We love receiving your emails. We try to respond to all messages within 2 working days, but are often much faster!

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