Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation

Our award-winning foundation natural skincare course teaches you how to formulate organic skincare products and launch the beauty brand of your dreams.

Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation

Suitable for: Beginners

Pre-requisites: None

Time: 100 study hours

Course Modules: 8

Coursework: Self-study + tutor graded

Duration: Two year deadline

Cost: £750 (British Pounds).

Next enrolment period: Enrolment opens July 11 - 16

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Course Information

diploma in organic skincare formulation

Our Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation teaches you everything you need to know to create your own natural skincare, start your own natural and organic skincare business, or how to add your all-natural skincare range to your salon or spa.

This online natural skincare course has been followed by over 10,000 people all over the world and has launched many careers and businesses in the organic skincare sector. Our foundation Diploma is our most popular course and is suitable for anyone who is completely new to skincare formulating.

Become an Innovator

(Not a Recipe Follower)

We teach you the formula to creating any organic skincare product from scratch, which will set you apart from other skincare formulators who just follow recipes. Instead you will be taught to confidently create your own unique designs that reflect your vision and contain your favourite ingredients.

Study the Science

of Natural Skincare

Become fluent in the language of skincare science. Learn all about the anatomy and physiology of the skin. Study how to formulate (it’s easy and fun!) and learn how to research your ingredients. Understand how to turn your skincare business into a success and make your skincare range compliant with the law.

Create Beautiful Skincare

Facial, Body and Spa

Learn how to formulate luxury natural skincare products that contain the finest botanical cold-pressed oils, rich exotic organic butters, subtly fragrant flower waters, sun-dried clays, all-natural waxes, and the most exquisite essential oils. Create aroma-therapeutic blends with essential oils, flower, seed and plant extracts.

Build your own

Indie Beauty Brand

Take your newly-found formulation skills and become an indie beauty formulator, confidently creating your own unique creams, lotions, cleansers, toners, moisturisers, gels, foaming products, masks, balms, butters, and more, using gorgeous natural ingredients. Then learn how to sell those formulations anywhere in the world!

Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation
Why enrol with Formula Botanica?

This course is for you if:

  • You want to start your own organic or natural skincare brand—anywhere in the world
  • You have been making DIY skincare and you want to turn your hobby into a business
  • You want to learn how to formulate professional quality organic skincare
  • You want to make sure that your business complies with the law in your country
  • You want to enrol for the most popular natural skincare course on the internet
  • You want to enrol with an accredited and gold award-winning education provider

“Over the past 2 years I have spent a chunk of money studying with others but never felt satisfied with my understanding of ingredients, formulation methods or skin and cosmetic science at the end of these courses. As soon as I started my first module with Formula Botanica, I knew I had come to the right place. The teachers are experts you can trust; they aren’t hobbyists who have learnt all their knowledge from google or rumors that circulate blogs. Don’t waste time studying with anyone else. Formula Botanica is the real deal.”

– Imogen Lily, UK

45+ videos

Learn directly from the Formula Botanica team with our professional videos and course lectures.

Fun Online Games

Play games to help you learn how to reinforce the learning outcomes for your course.

50+ study books

Download your beautifully designed course notes to refer back to and keep forever.

Tutor Support

Speak directly to a tutor in our private “Ask the Tutor” forum for students.

Sequential Learning

Unlock new modules as you work through the course sequentially to enforce learning points.

Graded Coursework

Receive expert graded feedback to help you make your formulations safe, stable and sellable.

Course Syllabus

Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation
Natural Skincare Course

Module 1

Skin Science

When starting out making natural skincare products it is important to have a good knowledge about the skin itself and what it needs to remain healthy.

In this first module of our award-winning natural skincare course, you will learn about the structure and physiology of the skin. We’ll bust some of the best-known cosmetic myths on the internet, which will teach you how to understand a skincare ingredient’s technical data and we will learn about holistic skin health, focusing on the enemies of the skin.

DOSF1001 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 1001

Skin Science

  • Study the anatomy of the skin with our video lectures
  • Learn how to identify the three main layers of the skin
  • Use fun games and interactive worksheets to memorise the skin’s anatomy and physiology
  • Course bonus: High resolution Skin Poster to annotate
  • Course bonus: Cosmetic Science Glossary
DOSF1002 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 1002

Holistic Skin Care

  • Research the 9 main ‘enemies’ of the skin and understand what role organic skincare plays in holistic skin health
  • Study the two most important holistic formulation principles
  • Understand how to care for the skin from a holistic perspective
DOSF1003 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 1003

Busting Cosmetic Myths

  • Learn how to research cosmetic ingredients
  • Debunk the 9 worst myths in the natural skincare world
  • Learn how to read and understand a cosmetic ingredient’s data specification sheet
  • Course bonus: Bundle of data specifications for 30 different natural and synthetic ingredients
Formula Botanica Natural Skincare Course

Module 2

Formulation Skills

It would be impossible to be able to create unique formulations for natural skincare if you hadn’t first studied the different ingredients. You are learning how to become a formulator so you will need to get to know your ingredients very well in order to start creating with them.

In this second module of our natural skincare course we get you started with your very first organic cosmetic formulations. You’ll learn how to choose the right ingredients, how to layer a formulation and how to calculate the percentages in your formulations.

DOSF2001 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 2001

Getting Started

  • Introduction to organic cosmetic ingredients
  • Learn how to research ingredients like a formulator
  • The 4 most important points every formulator should know
  • Download your Ingredients & Equipment Directory to get started
  • Course bonus: Carrier Oils Handbook profiling 30 oils together with a helpful oil penetration chart
DOSF2002 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 2002

Formulation Design

  • Understand how a formulation is created and structured
  • Learn how to formulate a product from scratch without following a recipe
  • Study how to record your formulations in weight and percentages
  • The 5 critical steps to using essential oils safely
  • Learn how to implement Good Manufacturing Practice and safely preserve your product
  • Course bonus: Essential Oils Dermal Limits Guide
DOSF2001 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 2003

Formulation Skills

  • Put your theory into practice and formulate your first products!
  • Formulate from scratch without using a recipe
  • Follow our expert video tuition to learn how to create your first formulations
  • Learn how to create a warm-blended cream, a cold-blended cream and an oil blend by following our video demonstrations

“The best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life was to enroll and finish my Diploma in Organic Skin Care Formulation at Formula Botanica. Excellent! no second thought I highly recommend this online school in Organic Skin Care formulation to anyone.”

– Ella Learn, Canada

Formula Botanica Natural Skincare Course

Module 3

Facial Product Formulation

Now that you’ve mastered basic formulation skills, it’s time to start formulating your first organic facial skincare products.

In this third module of our natural skincare course we cover toners, gels, cleansers and moisturisers and introduce you to a wide range of cosmetic formulation techniques – making tonics, gels, bi-phase products, foaming products, creams, balms and oils. You will learn how to use more complex ingredients such as oil-in-water emulsifiers, natural solubilisers and green surfactants.

You will practice making 12 different products for an organic facial skincare range, following our expert video tuition and downloadable study books.

DOSF3001 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 3001

Facial Toners

  • Learn how to formulate organic facial toners, ranging from simple to complex blends
  • Formulate organic toners
  • Formulate organic toners using a natural solubiliser
  • Formulate organic facial gels
  • Follow our expert video tuition to learn from our sample formulations
DOSF3002 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 3002

Facial Cleansers

  • Learn how to formulate organic facial cleansers, appropriate for a range of different skin types
  • Formulate organic cream cleansers
  • Formulate organic bi-phase cleansers
  • Formulate organic gel cleansers
  • Formulate organic foaming cleansers
  • Formulate organic micellar waters
  • Follow our expert video tuition to learn from our sample formulations
DOSF3002 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 3003

Facial Moisturisers

  • Learn how to formulate organic facial moisturisers, creating all sorts of different natural skincare products
  • Formulate organic cream blends
  • Formulate organic facial oils
  • Formulate organic facial balms
  • Formulate organic lip balms
  • Formulate organic facial emulsions
  • Follow our expert video tuition to learn from our sample formulations
Formula Botanica Natural Skincare Course

Module 4

Body Product Formulation

In this next module of our natural skincare course you spend your time perfecting the skills you mastered in Module 3.

You have already learned oil-in-water emulsification, now you’ll add water-in-oil emulsification to your line-up of formulating skills. You’ll experiment further with green surfactants and create a small range of 8 different natural bodycare products following our expert video tuition and downloadable study books.

DOSF4001 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 4001

Body Cleansers

  • Learn how to formulate organic body cleansers, focusing on green surfactants
  • Formulate organic body cream cleansers
  • Formulate organic body gel cleansers
  • Formulate organic zero-waste shower bars
  • Follow our expert video tuition to learn from our sample formulations
DOSF4002 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 4002

Body Moisturisers

  • Learn how to formulate organic body moisturisers, creating all sorts of different natural skincare products
  • Formulate organic body butters
  • Formulate organic body oils
  • Formulate organic body lotions
  • Formulate organic body balm or lotion bars
  • Formulate organic hand and foot creams
  • Formulate organic oil-free body spray
  • Follow our expert video tuition to learn from our sample formulations
Formula Botanica Natural Skincare Course

Module 5

Spa Product Formulation

You can now confidently create and formulate your own facial and body skincare products. You have already created a small range of organic and natural skincare products for the face and body.

In this fifth module of our natural skincare course you will learn how to formulate spa products, such as scrubs and spa treatments. We will cover a further 5 spa formulations which you can add to your professional skincare range.

DOSF5001 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 5001

Spa Cleansers

  • Learn how to formulate organic spa cleansers, which help exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells
  • Formulate organic facial polishes
  • Formulate organic body scrubs
  • Follow our expert video tuition to learn from our sample formulations
DOSF5002 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 5002

Spa Treatments

  • Learn how to formulate organic spa treatments, which your customer can use to pamper themselves at home
  • Formulate organic facial masques
  • Formulate organic body masques
  • Formulate organic massage oils
  • Follow our expert video tuition to learn from our sample formulations

“I just want to say thank you to all the team at Formula Botanica, you are amazing. It is a joy working with you, you are always very helpful and great to give practical advice. The Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation has helped me a lot and I am now where I wanted to be, starting my own organic skincare brand.”

– Lucia Mencarelli, UK

Formula Botanica Natural Skincare Course

Module 6


You now know how to work with cosmetic ingredients and how to confidently formulate your own organic skincare products. In this next module, you will learn how to blend aromaceutical compounds to add to your products.

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds extracted via distillation or expression from certain medicinal or fragrant plants. They have been used throughout history for their aromatic and therapeutic properties.

In this sixth module of our natural skincare course we will examine the 30 best known (and a few rarer) skincare essential oils, learn about their science and explore how to best blend them together for their aromaceutical properties.

DOSF6001 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 6001

Blending Oils

  • Study the 30 main skincare essential oils and their properties
  • Learn the basics of perfumery blending and fragrance notes
  • Understand the 6 rules of blending essential oils
  • Learn how to layer your fragrances
  • Course bonus: ‘Mixology’ Chart to learn the 9 fragrance families, fragrance notes for your skincare oils and fragrance family blending recommendations
DOSF6001 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 6002

Essential Oil Safety

  • Study how to store your essential oils safely
  • Study how to handle your essential oils safely
  • Learn how to use your essential oils safely
  • Research the dermal limits of skincare essential oils in detail so that you make sure your products are safe for your customer
Formula Botanica Natural Skincare Course

Module 7

Beauty Business Skills

It’s no good making the best natural skincare in the world if no one knows who you are, where you are or how to buy from you.  In this lesson of our award-winning natural skincare course you will learn how to brand your product, find your target audience and then how to promote your skincare brand to them.

We run you through the importance of branding and marketing and provide you with lots of material to get you started, regardless of whether you intend to sell your products online or offline. Examine some of the loveliest natural brands on the market and learn from their brands.

DOSF7001 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 7001


  • Study the 5 main components of every brand
  • Learn how to create a brand for your skincare range – including a brand name, strapline and Unique Selling Point
  • Study the physical brand associations you must create
  • Case studies: examine successful natural beauty brands
  • Course bonus: Branding Worksheet to help create your own brand
DOSF7002 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 7002


  • Learn what marketing is and how you should use it
  • Understand the 5 biggest beauty business marketing mistakes
  • Study Formula Botanica’s own online marketing formula
  • Learn how to determine who your target customer is
  • Study how to run a focus group for your products
  • Course bonus: Product Testing Questionnaire template
  • Course bonus: Advertising 101 Fact Sheet
  • Course bonus: Website Design Fact Sheet
  • Course bonus: Press Release Fact Sheet
DOSF7003 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 7003

Organic Certification

  • Familiarise yourself with the 5 main organic certification schemes
  • Learn about the global organic beauty market
  • Study the challenges in purchasing organic ingredients
  • Choose the best certification scheme for your business
Formula Botanica Natural Skincare Course

Module 8

Global Cosmetic Compliance

It doesn’t matter how small your business is, you still must comply with the law. In this final Module of our natural skincare course we will introduce you to the cosmetic regulations in 48 countries. We encourage you to comply with the strictest regulations in the world – those in the EU – but we also cover the requirements in the USA, Canada, ASEAN countries, Australia, New Zealand, and others.

You will learn how to correctly label, manufacture and sell your products so that they comply with the law. We break down global cosmetic regulations for you in 8 easy steps. It may sound daunting, but if you cover the legislation bit by bit, then your artisan cosmetics business can become compliant.

DOSF8001 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 8001

Labelling + Claims

  • Learn how to correct label your skincare product step by step
  • Set up a batch recording system for your lab
  • Calculate allergens for your cosmetic label declarations
  • Learn which claims you can and cannot make around the world
  • Study the different labelling requirements around the world (Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and more)
  • Work through our handy checklist to ensure your labels are compliant
  • Play ‘Name that Claim’
  • Course bonus: Cosmetic Allergen Declaration Calculator
DOSF8002 - Natural Skincare Course
DOSF 8002

Global Compliance

  • Study the difference between cosmetic regulations in 48 countries
  • Learn how to implement Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Find out if you can manufacture cosmetics at home in your country
  • Learn the different tests you’ll need to undertake to sell your cosmetics
  • Create your own Product Information File with our 11-step checklist
  • Research which type of business insurance you’ll need
  • Course bonus: Product Information File template

“Absolutely loved studying the ‘Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation’ with Formula Botanica. I thought I knew a fair bit about organic skincare but the depth of this course proved me otherwise. The course takes you from a hobbyist to a professional with a ton of support along the way. One of the best parts for me was learning to comply to the rigorous E.U. cosmetic laws and understanding how to keep up to date with any updates to these laws. That just in itself makes me feel much more confident.”

– Heather Gardner, Ireland

Course Bonuses

When you study with Formula Botanica, you become part of a close-knit international community of students and graduates all around the world. We support you all throughout your studies and beyond, and we give you access to our expert botanical skincare science and business files while you are enrolled on your courses.

Formula Botanica Conference 2018

Bonus 1

Become Part of the Loveliest Formulation Community on the Internet

Once you enrol with us, you are welcomed into our international student community groups which contain many thousands of our students and graduates from all over the world. Everyone knows each other and many of our students meet up in their respective countries to share information and formulate together.

In our groups, you will receive expert tutor support and peer support. Ask questions, share photos, troubleshoot formulations. Celebrate your victories and get encouragement when you need it. You are never alone.

Formula Botanica Student Library

Bonus 2

Access our Student Library

When you become a student with Formula Botanica, you also gain exclusive access to our Student Resources Library for the duration of your course. Access our:

  • Preferred supplier guide which contains hundreds of global companies
  • Extensive ingredients directory with listings of over 100 natural ingredients
  • Formulation percentage-to-weight calculator
  • Scientific research collection
  • Useful links section to additional resources
Meet the Formula Botanica Team

Bonus 3

Ongoing Support After Graduation

The support doesn’t finish when you graduate. We want to keep in touch with you once you’ve finished your course and support your career in organic skincare. We offer lots of free promotion for our graduates because we want to help give your business the support it needs when you launch it or as you grow it.

You remain a member of our Online Classroom for life, because we want to keep in touch and support you and your beauty brand. We reach over 1,000,000 people per month through our digital networks and will help you get your brand in front of the world.

Formula Botanica Badges

Bonus 4

Earn Formula Botanica Bonus Badges

Formula Botanica issues special Moodle Badges to students who pass their courses successfully (Moodle is the name of our award-winning and accredited eLearning Platform). These badges can be used on your resume, social media pages and LinkedIn profile to demonstrate that you are a skilled organic formulator. We have also hidden a few surprise badges in the course materials for students who pass certain Modules with a distinction grade!

Enrol for our foundation Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation today to become a proficient natural formulator, making beautiful 100% natural and organic facial, body and spa skincare products.

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None. This natural skincare course is suitable for complete beginners.

Start Date

Term Times. Self-paced training where you have up to 2 years to complete your course.


Projects, activities and reflexive learning. Each module ends with a short test.

Online Classroom

Peer support & tutor support via a private Facebook group.


Formula Botanica is accredited by the Open & Distance Learning Quality Council.

Expert Support

Our Tutor Team has an educational background in cosmetic chemistry, biology, education and business management. Let us support you.

Course Enrolment

Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation
Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation

Formula Botanica operates a term time system, so we can get all of our students started at the same time and run online study groups.

Term times run in the following months:

  • Winter Term: January
  • Summer Term: July

Enrolment for all of our courses will be open during this period. If you want to be the first to hear when we open enrolment, make sure you pre-register for this course.

Pre-enrol for our next term

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