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founder: Renju Karki
course: Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation + Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science + Certificate in Natural Cosmetic Preservation +  Certificate in Cosmetic Stability Testing
Graduation year: 2022
location: United Kingdom

Brand overview

Indibe is a platform driven by a mission to address the unique challenges faced by those engaged in indie beauty creation worldwide. Born from Renju’s deep passion, Indibe aspires to evolve into a global hub for the indie beauty community—a place to foster sustainability, build a close-knit community, and serve as a catalyst for the growth of indie beauty brands worldwide.

Renju envisaged a holistic platform where beauty brands, ingredient suppliers, and equipment providers could come together with the goal of empowering both buyers and sellers, providing a space where all kinds of indie beauty products, ingredients, and equipment can thrive. The platform welcomes a diverse range of indie beauty brands with their unique styles and approaches, embracing the indie beauty landscape.

Renju credits the skills and knowledge she gained from Formula Botanica’s courses, combined with a thoughtful presence in the Formula Botanica online community, as pivotal in shaping Indibe.



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Eliziane Pozzagnolo | Formula Botanica

Eliziane is a Pharmacist and Biochemist, manages our Student Experience Team and provides technical advice for the ingredients research we undertake and provide. She loves bringing together the concepts of science, sustainability and organics. Read more about the Formula Botanica team.


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