The Lab at Formula Botanica

The Lab at Formula Botanica

Suitable for: Formulators

What is it? Our Membership Site

Pre-Requisites: Basic formulation experience, suitable for students or graduates of our Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation

Time: You will invest 2 hours per month

Content: Monthly Mini Labs + Lab Libraries

Next induction week: To be confirmed

Monthly Membership: £59/month (British Pounds)

Annual Membership £590/year (British Pounds) includes 2 months free

Registration opens in:

To be determined.

Registration closes in:

Don’t let your formulation skills lapse

Your formulation knowledge and skills are priceless. The education you’ve invested in has transformed your life. How do you stay up to date?

Introducing… the Lab at Formula Botanica: Your professional development membership

  • Monthly Lab Lectures & Lessons
  • Access to the best research libraries in the industry
  • Accredited certificates and badges for each mini course
  • Live monthly Q&A Masterclass
  • Private community of formulators + entrepreneurs
  • Membership price: £59/month (British Pounds)
  • You can cancel at any time
  • No refunds

Gain access to a wealth of information by joining the Lab.

We know that staying on top of all the latest trends in cosmetic ingredients and formulation is hard work and time consuming.

  • The beauty sector changes all the time—how do you know what is hot right now?
  • Formulations evolve with improved techniques and ingredients—how do you keep up?
  • New ingredients are constantly added to the market—how do you research them?

Imagine if there was one place that included all of this information, so you can have peace of mind that you will be on the front foot with developments in organic cosmetics?

The Lab at Formula Botanica

Enter the Lab at Formula Botanica. We have done the hard work for you!

The Lab is an online members’ hub that allows you to keep your formulation skills up to date. Once you become a Lab member, our monthly mini courses and info-packed research libraries help you embrace your passion for formulation, plants and indie beauty business.

The Lab ensures you will keep on top of the latest formulation trends, learning brand new skills in both formulation and business. You will feel more empowered and inspired than ever before! A membership in the Lab keeps your formulation skills up to date, enabling you to try new and exciting things, comforted by the fact that Formula Botanica’s expert team has already researched these topics intensively.

Fully accredited learning

The Lab at Formula Botanica

All formulators should undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the form of continued learning, to ensure their formulation skills and knowledge remain up to date. Undertaking CPD will boost your confidence and significantly add to your professional credibility.

Every month, Formula Botanica issues its Lab members with new training material, for which you can gain accredited CPD certificates, as well as exclusive badges. Use our CPD system to make sure your formulation skills don’t lapse.

cpdmember-logo-1 (1)

All of our monthly Mini Labs are accredited by third party certification body CPD UK.

Benefits of Membership

40+ Mini Labs

Become a Formulation Trend Expert

Each month we create a mini course called a Mini Lab, which focuses on either a formulation, ingredients or business topic. Within each Mini Lab, you receive a Lab Lecture, several Lab Lessons, a Lab Mission workbook and a Lab Masterclass, to help you master that month’s topic.

Each Mini Lab takes 2–3 hours to complete, and they are all included within your Lab membership.

2023 Vit B3

The Vitamin B3 Mini Lab

In this Mini Lab, we unlock the secrets and myths of formulating with vitamin B3. Discovering the benefits of this versatile ingredient in skincare, and why many mainstream brands are adding this powerhouse active to their products.

Included with your Lab membership

2023 Male Grooming

The Male Grooming Mini Lab

Throughout the ages we can see many examples of male grooming, in this Mini Lab we explore the historical and modern day context of the male grooming and personal care market.

Included with your Lab membership

2023 Fragrance Free

The Fragrance Free Mini Lab

You will learn what fragrance-free actually means, about allergens within common fragrances, and also about natural ingredients that are naturally fragrant for you to work with as a cosmetic formulator.

Included with your Lab membership

2023 Retinol Alternative

The Retinol Alternative Mini Lab

In this Mini Lab, you will learn about a variety of retinol alternative ingredients, their origins, and how they work on the skin. You will make a beautiful night treatment using NovoRetin, a retinol alternative, that is derived from the Mastic tree.

Included with your Lab membership

Mini Lab 45 - Circular Beauty (1) (1)

The Circular Beauty Mini Lab

We look at circular beauty and how formulators can become more sustainable. Being sustainable is important because it protects the environment, conserves resources, promotes equity, drives growth, improves health, and addresses climate change.

Included with your Lab membership

2023 Shower Jelly

The Shower Jelly Mini Lab

Shower jellies are a unique and playful twist on traditional shower products. They provide an enjoyable bathing experience, making them a popular choice for those seeking a little fun in their daily self-care routine.

Included with your Lab membership

2023 Fermented

The Fermented Skincare Mini Lab

A cutting-edge trend, fermented skincare offers effective solutions for radiant, healthy skin. In this Mini Lab, you will learn what fermentation is, its benefits and some biofermented ingredients that you can use in your formulations.

Included with your Lab membership

2023 Tri-Phase

The Tri-phase Oils Mini Lab

In this Mini Lab, we elevate your formulation skills by introducing you to tri-phase oils. You’ll gain hands-on experience in formulating, colouring, and troubleshooting these sophisticated formulations.

Included with your Lab membership

Mini Lab Square 20 - Solid Cleanser

The Solid Cleanser Mini Lab

Solid cleansers are longer-lasting, multi-purpose formulations that don’t require lots of packaging. In this Mini Lab, we will inspire you to start formulating fun, solid cleansers.

Included with your Lab membership

Mini Lab 24 - Natural Lipstick

The Natural Lipstick Mini Lab

Learn how to make natural lipsticks using botanical (not mineral!) pigments? Formula Botanica doesn’t yet teach makeup formulation in any courses, but we do in this amazing Mini Lab.

Included with your Lab membership

Mini Lab 33 - Vitamin C

The Vitamin C Mini Lab

Learn about the effects of vitamin C on the skin, the different types of vitamin C derivatives and tips and tricks for ensuring your vitamin C formulations are stable.

Included with your Lab membership

Mini Lab 26 - Cream Deodorant

The Cream Deodorant Mini Lab

Keep your underarms feeling fresh and soft by learning how to formulate natural cream deodorants! Learn about the science of sweat and deodorants, as well as the right natural ingredients to use.

Included with your Lab membership

Основные RGB

The Centella Mini Lab

Learn about Centella Asiatica, an ingredient that is having its moment in the beauty industry spotlight, thanks to its soothing and calming properties.

Included with your Lab membership

Mini_Lab_Square_19_-_Sensitive_Skin (1)

The Sensitive Skin Mini Lab

In this Mini Lab, you will learn about the key role that the skin plays in the immune system and importantly some of the common triggers of different kinds of irritation or allergies.

Included with your Lab membership


The Oleogel Mini Lab

Learn to make one of the most fun formulations of the moment! Oleogels are taking the beauty world by storm and once you start making these versatile formulas you won’t want to stop.

Included with your Lab membership

Mini Lab 25 - Sustainable Sandalwood

The Sustainable Sandalwood Mini Lab

In this Mini Lab, we take a deep dive into the history and uses of one of the most expensive and coveted fragrance ingredients in the world, Sandalwood.

Included with your Lab membership

Mini Lab - Bakuchiol

The Bakuchiol Mini Lab

Study bakuchiol, the exciting botanical ingredient that has the industry buzzing. Learn its mechanisms on the skin, why it’s called the natural alternative to retinol and find out how to formulate with this on-trend ingredient.

Included with your Lab membership

Mini Lab - Microbiome

The Microbiome Mini Lab

Learn about the fascinating world of the skin’s microbiome, a vast array of microorganisms that are found on and in our bodies. Discover how  the skin microbiome relates to cosmetics and how to formulate products that are microbiome-friendly.

Included with your Lab membership


The Essential Oils Mini Lab

Learn about the aroma-chemistry of essential oils, study extraction methods and research 10 on-trend essential oils you should be working with right now. Use our latest research to harness essential oils’ potential for your formulations.

Included with your Lab membership

Mini Lab 27 - Marie Ingredients

The Marine Ingredients Mini Lab

In this Mini Lab, we teach you about the sustainability and diversity of marine ingredients and what benefits they can bring to cosmetic products.

Included with your Lab membership


The CBD & Hemp Mini Lab

CBD is one of the hottest trends in beauty right now and the market is predicted to bring in £731 million in sales by 2024. Study cannabidiols and research the complexities of formulating with CBD and cannabis plant materials.

Included with your Lab membership

Mini Lab 29 - Natural Blusher

The Natural Blusher Mini Lab

Create all natural blushers in this Mini Lab! You will learn how to make your own oil-based blusher formulations using plant pigments. Also, we look at the art of colour mixing, so you can create your own personalised colour palette!

Included with your Lab membership

Mini Lab 30 - Peptides

The Natural Peptides Mini Lab

Peptides are everywhere in the beauty industry. Many formulations make claims about the benefits of peptides, but do they live up to their hype? Join us for a deep dive to learn how to formulate with natural peptides.

Included with your Lab membership


The Weights and Measures Mini Lab

Weighing and measuring are both key skills for any organic formulator, that is why we take a deep dive into the hows and whys of weighing ingredients and calculating formulas in this Mini Lab. Study packaging and weight legalities.

Included with your Lab membership

Mini Lab 31 - Upcycled Ingredients (1)

The Upcycled Ingredient Mini Lab

In this Mini Lab, you will understand the importance of repurposing food waste materials and why some of them can be transformed into amazing cosmetic ingredients. As some might say: From garbage to glamour!

Included with your Lab membership


The Content Creation Mini Lab

Content increases visibility, establishes authority and helps build trust with your customers. But so many indie brand owners do not utilise this powerful tool. Learn how to create a content strategy that works. Study what types of content you should create.

Included with your Lab membership


The Lamellar Emulsions Mini Lab

Lamellar emulsions have some key unique differences compared to other emulsions and are great for sensitive skin because they mimic the skin’s natural structure. Study the beneficial properties of lamellar emulsions and explore some of the available emulsifiers on the market.

Included with your Lab membership

Packaging Innovation

The Packaging Innovation Mini Lab

With over 120 billion units of packaging produced by the beauty industry each year, everyone is talking about the zero waste movement and how to innovate in packaging. Study bioplastics and how to conduct a packaging life cycle analysis.

Included with your Lab membership


The pH Mini Lab

Every formulator needs to understand how to work with and understand the topic of pH. In this Mini Lab, we go deeper into this complex topic and ensure you are up to speed with the latest techniques in testing and modifying the pH of your formulations.

Included with your Lab membership


The Natural Ingredients Mini Lab

Do you struggle with researching botanical ingredients? Do you know where to find accurate and relevant information when studying your botanicals? This Mini Lab will help you sort fact from fiction when it comes to the latest natural ingredients research.

Included with your Lab membership


The Botanical Oils Mini Lab

Botanical oils are one of the key foundation ingredients for any organic cosmetic formulator. With hundreds of carrier oils available to choose from, this Mini Lab looks at the latest information on comedogenicity as well as how to source sustainable botanical oils.

Included with your Lab membership

Month 22 - Rainforest Ingredients (1)

The Rainforest Ingredients Mini Lab

Rainforest ingredients can be found in many of our cosmetics. Learn what you need to consider when sourcing rainforest ingredients, including the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability.

Included with your Lab membership

Month 21 - Instagram (1)

The Instagram Mini Lab

In this Mini Lab, we look at some of the recent changes Instagram has made and how you as an indie beauty entrepreneur can grow on the platform. This is one of our most requested business topics and this.

Included with your Lab membership

Mini Lab 23 - Storytelling

The Storytelling Mini Lab

Stories are a universal language. Brands that tell stories are more likely to capture consumer attention. Tap into the power of storytelling to spread the message about your formulations and boost your own profile.

Included with your Lab membership

Mini Lab 28 - Tester Feedback

The Tester Feedback Mini Lab

Tester feedback can help you at all stages of your formulation journey, from developing a product to marketing it. We talk you through the many ways you can gather and use tester feedback in this Mini Lab.

Included with your Lab membership

Mini Lab - Pinterest

The Pinterest Mini Lab

With over 400 million Pinterest users worldwide, the platform is very popular for indie beauty. In this Mini Lab, we provide you with a best practice guide to making the most of Pinterest for your business.

Included with your Lab membership

Mini Lab - Clubhouse

The Club House Mini Lab

In this Mini Lab, we will give you all the inside tips and tricks from the Formula Botanica social media team on how you can use this tool, to network, grow your business and practice important key skills such as your “Elevator pitch” and being visible!

Included with your Lab membership

The Branding your Beauty Business Mini Lab

The Branding your Beauty Business Mini Lab

In this Mini Lab, we encourage you to think about beauty branding differently. Branding goes beyond your logo, your font and your brand colours. We’ll teach you how to find and work with a designer to create your on-trend indie beauty brand.

Included with your Lab membership


Skincare Entrepreneur Mindset Mini Lab

We will help you reflect on some key points within your mindset that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. Learn how to take action, as well as to acknowledge and work on any stumbling blocks in your mindset.

Included with your Lab membership

Mini Lab 32 - Mushrooms

The Mushroom Mini Lab

Mushrooms are gaining their way into cosmetic products as active ingredients. In this Mini Lab, we will walk you through the relationship between mushrooms and humans, learn about their properties, active compounds, and how to use them in cosmetic formulation.

Included with your Lab membership

2023 Cactus

The Cactus Mini Lab

Cacti are efficient in holding water in arid environments – and they are incredible at keeping our skin hydrated too! We get to know cacti and learn why they are now attracting so much attention for their sustainability plus their amazing properties for skin and hair.

Included with your Lab membership

2023 Skinimalism

The Skinimalism Mini Lab

In this Mini Lab, we introduce the concept of Skinimalism, what it is, its origins on social media, and why it is an important trend for organic beauty entrepreneurs to take note of. We need to understand what trends drive consumers and brands to make changes.

Included with your Lab membership

More mini labs

+ New Mini Labs Every Month

Formula Botanica releases a new Mini Lab every month, tackling a trending topic in formulation, botanical ingredients research or indie beauty entrepreneurship.

Included with your Lab membership

Benefits of Membership

With Our Lab Masterclasses

You get the inside knowledge from handpicked industry experts

It’s not always possible to speak directly to ingredient suppliers, experts in skin and hair formulation, international certification schemes and influential business advisers, as well as our expert Formula Botanica Education team.

That’s why we’ve brought the experts directly to you! By attending our monthly Lab Masterclasses, you gain access to a wealth of botanical formulation and business knowledge. Each month we welcome a new guest speaker. Replays are included in your Lab membership.

The Lab at Formula Botanica

Lab Ingredients Libraries

Our students have been asking us for years which textbook they can buy to learn about the cosmetic properties of each plant. That textbook doesn’t exist—so we’ve built it for you in the Lab!

With over 90 detailed ingredient profiles (and more being added each month as part of your Lab membership), we’ll teach you about each ingredient, its origin, its cosmetic function, its chemical compounds of interest and any general formulation advice, as well as scientific references for further reading.

A selection of the ingredient profiles included with your Lab membership:

Lab Formulation Library

Lab Equipment Library

You want to know that you’re using the best tools to make the best formulations. You also want to learn from the experiences of other expert formulators.

That’s why we host our Lab Equipment Library, where we share our reviews of specific tools and equipment on the market. Our formulators trial them out and tell you the pros and cons for your formulation lab, as well as sharing links where you can buy them.

The Lab at Formula Botanica
The Lab at Formula Botanica
The Lab at Formula Botanica

Badges & Certificates

The Lab at Formula Botanica contains over 40 Mini Labs, packed full of information to make you a better formulator. Each time you complete a Mini Lab, you’ll receive your own Certificate of Continuing Professional Development, as well as a dedicated badge for that topic, which you can proudly display.

The Lab at Formula Botanica
The Lab at Formula Botanica

Is the Lab at Formula Botanica

Right for You?

Not studying with us yet?

Anyone is welcome in the Lab. If you’re new to Formula Botanica and already have some experience, the Lab is a great professional development tool for existing formulators and researchers.


If you’re an existing Formula Botanica student, you’ll know that our courses have everything you need to achieve your formulation goals but when you add the lab, we’ll keep you to up to date with your skills.


If you’re a Formula Botanica graduate, the Lab offers you Continuing Professional Development opportunities and new ideas for your formulations or business so you can stay up to date with the indie beauty industry.

Benefits of Membership

A Community That Answers

All of your Formulation Trend Questions

(even if it’s the middle of the night)

Our members-only Facebook group is made up of 2,000+ skilled and generous formulators and indie beauty entrepreneurs who are ready to answer ALL your indie formulation trend questions at any time, day or night.

The Lab at Formula Botanica

What Happens When You Join Us

At The Formula Botanica Lab Bench?


Our monthly mini courses, or Mini Labs, will offer you the perfect platform for getting started as an organic formulator and beauty entrepreneur. You’ll receive monthly online lectures, lessons, workbooks and live Q&As with experts in formulation, ingredients research and business skills. Think of our Mini Labs as bite-sized monthly training courses to support you on your journey as a formulator and entrepreneur.


Improve your formulation skills, ingredients research and business plans. We add new pre-recorded and live lab lectures and lessons monthly and include contributions from our own expert team at Formula Botanica, as well as experts all throughout the industry, to inform and inspire. Our lab lectures and lessons will help you on your formulation and beauty business journey.


Use our lab libraries to gain access to the information you need in order to design your natural formulations and research your favourite green beauty ingredients. Our team of technical advisers at Formula Botanica has spent years researching these ingredients and tools for you, so you don’t have to.


We’re proud of our amazing community – and we want to invite you to be part of it! Once you become a member at the lab at Formula Botanica, we’ll welcome you into our private networking group on Facebook, where you’ll be able to be part of a community of formulators and beauty entrepreneurs around the world.



Gain access to bite-sized monthly lessons on formulation, ingredient and business topics.


Use our detailed botanical ingredient profiles, equipment guides and sample formulations.


Learn new skills from experts in the Formula Botanica Team, as well as our VIP guest lab lecturers.


Watch our interviews, formulation videos or detailed lectures on topics that inspire and motivate.


Download your monthly workbook or take part in a quiz to test your knowledge.


Network with the fantastic people who make up the global Formula Botanica community.

Put on your lab coat and grab your green formulation gloves as you join us at the Formula Botanica lab bench

Pre-register now


Some formulation experience required. Suitable for Formula Botanica students and graduates, or anyone who knows how to make simple formulations.

Start Date

When we open membership for the Lab – stay tuned for the next announcement!


New content uploaded in the membership site monthly.


Network with other members of the Lab at Formula Botanica in our private Facebook group.


Formula Botanica is accredited by the Open & Distance Learning Quality Council.

Expert Support

Join our live monthly masterclasses to speak to the Formula Botanica team or our guest expert.

Join the Lab at Formula Botanica

Become a member of the Lab and keep your professional formulation skills up to date by taking our bite-sized monthly training in organic formulation, botanical ingredients research and beauty entrepreneurship.

The Lab at Formula Botanica welcomes all formulators, researchers and entrepreneurs who want to change their life through green beauty.

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