Aster Skincare

founder: Maryam Jamalzadeh
course: Diploma in Organic Haircare Formulation
Graduation year: 2019
location: United States
Hero product: Tightening & Lifting Neck Serum: Marshmallow Root & Lupin Natural Collagen

Brand overview

Aster was created by Maryam Jamalzadeh in Texas, USA, out of her passion and care for all-natural skincare products. Her mission is to provide products made with organic, natural and vegan ingredients, including oils and butters, floral waters, pure pigments, aromas and natural preservatives, all suited to hair and skin. Aster products are formulated to suit different skin types and ages and are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. The business donates some of its profits to charities working in the Middle East to support women and others in need.

Maryam Jamalzadeh’s passion for producing skincare products dates back to 1995, when she graduated from medical school in Iran and launched her own private skincare clinic and formulation business. Some years later, she continued her education with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition in Malaysia and with Formula Botanica.

Maryam creates skincare and haircare products, drawing on her experience of Southeast Asia’s medical tradition that embraces ancient Asian recipes in Avicenna medicine, and from her studies with Formula Botanica, which, she says, helped her on her way to launching her brand.


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