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Being Skincare

founder: Justina Edwards
course: Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation
Graduation year: 2020
location: Australia
Hero product: Boobie Balm, Bootie Balm, Winter and Summer Face Oils

Brand overview

Justina Edwards had always had an interest in natural health and beauty and was constantly amazed by the fact that nature could provide all that was necessary to nourish and nurture us. After the birth of her daughter, she was unable to find the kind of 100% natural and effective skincare products she desired. After a lot of testing and research, Justina started making them for herself and her friends. Being Skincare was born after one of her friends, who is a photographer and creative director, saw the potential to combine their passions and suggested starting a brand together. Justina already had some knowledge of herbs and natural skincare prior to studying through Formula Botanica. However, she really wanted to gain foundational knowledge plus greater expertise in formulating a wider range of natural skincare products. Studying with Formula Botanica, Justina benefited from a well-structured framework and invaluable resources that are industry standard. This gave her the confidence to not only develop more advanced formulation skills but also to understand better how to manage Being Skincare as a business. Studying the Diploma in Organic Skincare filled gaps in her knowledge and Justina is now looking forward to continuing her learning with the wide range of courses Formula Botanica offers and to drawing on its supportive study networks.


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