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Rustic MAKA

founder: Kasia Rothe
course: Certificate in Natural Cosmetic Preservation + Certificate in Cosmetic Stability Testing
Graduation year: 2016
location: United States
Hero product: Luna Bliss Baking Soda-Free Natural Deodorant

Brand overview

Rustic MAKA is a family-owned natural deodorants and body care company headquartered in Michigan and it is dedicated to work towards reclaiming its customer’s well-being. The brand embraces simplicity and offers products that go beyond today’s standards of natural, through the use of simple yet exceptional ingredients, no animal testing, and made in small batches with plant-based ingredients. The products are designed with the sensitive to normal skin in mind and each product has been formulated with organic butters and oils, fortifying minerals, vitamins and nutrient-rich botanical extracts that will stimulate and nourish the skin. They are scented with pure essential oils and plant-based isolates, which makes them perfume and synthetic fragrance-free. Rustic MAKA array of products includes effective deodorants, simple soaps, underarm detox scrub, and much more. Early on, with the help and guidance of Formula Botanica certificate program, Kasia Rothe, founder of the brand, was able to establish guidelines and practices to ensure safety and quality measurements are taken during the manufacturing process. Rustic MAKA believes in simple ingredients transformed into safe, effective and good-for-the-body products that actually work.


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