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founder: Yukari Boelen
course: Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation
Graduation year: 2020
location: Japan
Hero product: JUST BE YOU – BODY OIL < NEW ME >

Brand overview

In March 2020, Yukari Boelen founded new lifestyle brand HOLISTIA Lab which launched with its first series of body care products under the label “JUST BE YOU”.  The line offers three types of body oils and a body milk selling online and at pop-up events at major department stores. As a lifestyle brand, Holistia Lab aims to add something extra to people’s lives by offering awareness, feelings and habits in their daily lives through its products. Holistia’s goal is to provide its customers with an extra layer of support: the products focus on the modern-day state of mind, such as anxiety, anger, jealousy, and obsession. For its mind-focused, nature-derived fragrance products, Holistia has created three fragrances that act on the mind by giving the scents a purpose. Based on the concept of well-being, Holistia Lab suggests how we can take care of ourselves in our daily lives at home. The original scents were developed by the owner Yukari, who has experienced breast cancer twice and studied clinical aromatherapy for 15 years worldwide. Yukari started to understand about formulation with the Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation at Formula Botanica, which was primordial for Holistia’s launch.


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