Robyn Skincare

founder: Eleanor Olsen
course: Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation
Graduation year: 2019
location: United Kingdom
Hero product: Limitless Facial Cream

Brand overview

Robyn Skincare is a British-born natural skincare brand specialising in formulas that deliver results without damage. It harnesses sophisticated research and extraction techniques to produce plant-based skincare that can legitimately match the efficacy of their synthetic counterparts; delivering powerful results, naturally, and without compromise. ‘Results’ to them don’t only refer to decreasing wrinkles or acne, but to delivering ‘healthy’ skin for their customers.

All products are 100% natural (including the preservatives used), and combine a powerhouse of antioxidant-rich botanicals, plus key, clinically-proven ingredients that remove any guesswork in terms of performance. Their first range, The Limitless Collection, solves a very common problem associated with retinoid use. It features Sytenol ® A Bakuchiol, a completely natural alternative to retinol, which has been shown to safely match, and in some criteria exceed the performance of retinol, with zero negative side-effects or restrictions.

Eleanor, founder of the brand, credits Formula Botanica for helping her gain many of the necessary skills she needed in order to formulate a clean, organic, and effective skincare range. She says that the Diploma course was incredibly thorough and easy to navigate, the support really helpful and that she was always encouraged to be creative. It wholeheartedly inspired her to start her own brand.


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