The Natives Co.

founder: Vanessa Noy
course: Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation + Certificate in Organic Anti-Ageing Skincare
Graduation year: 2019
location: Australia
Hero product: The best of International and home-grown Indie Beauty Brands.

Brand overview

The NATIVES Co. is one of Australia’s finest clean beauty destinations and where exceptional natural and organic beauty, skincare and wellness products – that are safe, luxurious, potent and good for you and the planet – are a way of life. Knowing that not all formulations are created equal, The NATIVES Co. is committed to sourcing brands that adhere to their clean beauty mantra of Clean, Green, Pure & Potent. The store focuses on what is in products and the efficacy of their formulations, and not just what beauty products leave out.

Their luxurious selection includes plant-based and vegan natural beauty products that are all cruelty free. With a desire to help their customers understand that pure and natural ingredients are key, the store focuses on building consumer confidence and trust in brands that embrace the sustainable, natural and organic beauty ethos. The NATIVES Co. ‘Clean Code’ is a guarantee of quality and conscious beauty. The company offers proven and potent products that work, that deliver real results for positive ageing and graceful living, and don’t cost the earth.

Through her studies at Formula Botanica, founder Vanessa Noy cemented her understanding of the importance of natural and botanical ingredients for product efficacy and holistic wellbeing. With this deeper insight into natural ingredients and their potential when used in synergy in effective and innovative formulations, Vanessa was inspired to create The Natives Co. The vision was to showcase the best international and home-grown natural beauty products. Formula Botanica provided the knowledge and confidence for Vanessa to combine years of retail buying experience with a passion for skincare science.


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