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Smile Onwughara from Purist Organics

Purist Organics

founder: Smile Onwughara
course: International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program
Graduation year: 2019
location: Nigeria
Hero product: Radiant Skin Lotion

Brand overview

Purist Organics is a Nigerian-based, family-run skincare company. The company was born from the frustration of not being able to easily find all-natural, high-quality, reputable ingredients and products that were not enhanced with synthetic chemicals. “Purist” translates as “believing in and following the traditional rules or ideas of doing things”. The brand believes in making skin products safe, from scratch and the way they should be – “safe for me, my family, the customers, and the environment”.

Purist says that every jar or bottle of their products contain confidence and self-love, the livelihoods of local raw material producers, superlatively sourced ingredients from the best international suppliers which offer unadulterated benefits to the skin and hair. Formula Botanica has helped Purist to stand out better through the quality of the products they develop.

Smile, founder of the brand, has taken her expertise to the next level, offering men and women a better way to nurture and care for their skin. She says that studying at Formula Botanica was a great decision for her, as it definitely advanced her formulation and skincare knowledge. The majority of her hero products were developed through her studies at Formula Botanica and Purist Organics is very proud to be part of what the school stands for.

There are lots of ways Formula Botanica has helped Smile to grow her business. One is that she had access to like-minded people in the student community who gladly shared both their successes and failures. They form a network of talented and professional natural formulators and experts. Smile says that she feels very honoured to be part of the Formula Botanica community.


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