Lena Wild
Yelena Serebryakova

Lena Wild

founder: Yelena Serebryakova
course: Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation + Diploma in Beauty Brand Business Management + Certificate in Anti-Ageing Skincare + Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science
Graduation year: 2017
Launch year: 2017
location: United Kingdom
Hero product: Harmony Facial Oil

Brand overview

At Lena Wild, we are passionate about nature and its gifts. Just as we love to care for the skin and health, we prioritise care towards the environment. From the ingredients, suppliers to packaging, we explore every alternative route to make our choices better. Promoting a realistic approach to beauty, we emphasise that the skin and our body are its own self-healing ecosystem. With gentle, nourishing care, alongside a healthy lifestyle, mind, and balanced diet, the skin can experience incredible transformation. We want to reward your skin with our products! Using carefully selected natural and organic ingredients, we seek to give back. More than just protecting and nourishing your skin, our skin-loving products encourage you to take time out and immerse yourself in aromas and textures, straight from the natural world.


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