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founder: Caley-Beth Morris
course: International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program
Graduation year: 2020
location: Canada
Hero product: Caley-Beth Shave Balm

Brand overview

Based in Toronto, Canada, Caley-Beth launched in 2017 as a clean and natural skincare brand that focuses on pro-ageing with the aim of empowering mature women to feel confident about their skin. The founder, Caley-Beth, experienced problems with itchy and irritated skin caused by shaving. This inspired her to create shave care as a solution to these problems by protecting and soothing the skin. Her Shave Balm and After-Shave Balm are effective, luxurious and eco-friendly. They have won awards at the Health and Wellbeing Awards 2021, the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022 and the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2022. Caley-Beth credits Formula Botanica with helping her put sustainability at the forefront, and to recreate her shave care to become zero waste, 100% natural and sustainable skincare that is efficacious too.

Formula Botanica inspired Caley-Beth to develop more sustainable skincare which inspired her to change the direction of her business. She is now working through the Formula Botanica Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science, which she says is helping her have a deeper understanding of natural ingredients and formulation techniques to take her brand even further.


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