Meadowscape Botanicals

founder: Wendy Mackenzie
course: International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program + The Lab
Graduation year: 2020
location: United States
Hero product: Meadow Bee Solid Deodorant Bar

Brand overview

Meadowscape Botanicals is a plant-based body care business in northern Vermont, USA, founded in 2003 by Wendy Mackenzie. Its handmade formulations soothe the skin and aim to “heal” the planet, using high-quality ingredients and planet-friendly packaging to craft each and every one of its products. Wendy learned so much from Formula Botanica and appreciated in particular the knowledge she gained on emulsification, how to create safer products with preservatives, the importance of pH, as well as how to formulate accurately and professionally. With all this behind her, Wendy was able to improve her formulations and the brand.

Wendy is continuing to learn from Formula Botanica. She was able to formulate a cream deodorant for a customer who couldn’t use a traditional deodorant in a plastic applicator on account of medical reasons. All the techniques Wendy had absorbed on her Formula Botanica courses came into play as she created a unique, cream-like, yet anhydrous deo product for her customer. Through her courses and interactions in the school’s online classroom, she has become aware of green packaging and different aspects of formulating products, thanks to the contributions of Formula Botanica’s diverse, global student base. This inspired her to create a vegan, plastic-free, solid deodorant bar that has proven highly effective.


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