Graduate Success Story: Geeta Sood launches So Pure Skincare

So Pure Skincare was created by Geeta Sood and was originally formulated to help cure her two children’s infantile eczema. After seeing the impressive and fast results, friends and relatives wanted to try it for themselves.  Their similar success and highly positive comments motivated Geeta to study Holistic Cosmetology, under the teachings of Star Khechara, author of the Holistic Beauty Book.

Geeta then went on to create her own totally pure range of highly organic skincare products.  So Pure Skincare has just released its products to the UK and European market.

All of the So Pure Skincare face and body products are formulated at her home in Warwickshire and only in small production batches each month. To keep the carbon footprint low, Geeta doesn’t use fancy packaging, and unlike the big beauty brands who spend most of their money on their packaging, everything in the So Pure Skincare range is focussed on the quality of the product itself.

Only 100% natural ingredients are used and each product is housed in protective and recyclable glass.  None of the formulations have toxic chemicals, nasty preservatives, fillers, artificial colours or fragrances. So Pure Skincare is unique for using unusual yet highly effective ingredients such as edelweiss, prickly pear, date seed oils to name but a few.

Geeta may be a newcomer to the natural beauty industry but after her extensive training with Star Khechara at School of Holistic Cosmetology (former name of Formula Botanica) she certainly knows what she is talking about:


”Whenever I used to purchase natural and organic skincare products, I always wanted to find out how much of the formulation was active and how much is actually just a filler. In a good product, I like to see the active ingredients high on the ingredients list, not just in small doses toward the bottom. Many customers these days, don’t really know what they are buying and may in actual fact be getting far less quality than what they are spending their money on. Whilst the natural beauty market is so saturated, its still very hard for customers to know that what they are buying is worthwhile. 

This was one of my aims with So Pure Skincare, I wanted to ensure that my customers were getting the highest quality products with very active ingredients so that they would actually achieve fantastic results to the skin. My products are also so concentrated that I really have to explain to my customers to please use only a tiny amount!”

Recently Anna Rodgers from the Miss Eco Glam website road tested So Pure Skincare. Here is what she had to say:


”I get to try out a lot of products, so I am very fussy about what I like.  I tried So Pure Skincare when it was in it’s early stages, and the products were sent in plain, unmarked packaging, so I didn’t have anything to be influenced by. It was actually like going in ‘blind’, with only the scents, quality and effectiveness of the product to experience.  So many brands ‘create’ their look and market purely by their packaging, with many being wrongly perceived as good quality.  I was immediately impressed with how these products smelt (all so pretty, unique and beautiful) and of course, how the formulations felt, and what results they gave my skin.  I couldn’t believe these were all made by a mother from her kitchen at home. Making beautiful and effective organic skin care is nowhere near as easy as you think, it requires talent, skill and a deep knowledge of the skin and ingredients. These are astounding products and quite a few are some of the nicest products I have ever tested. The anti-aging elixir is exquisite and one of my ‘must-haves’

A quick note about So Pure Skincare price points:

As we are a small family run business, we source the best quality ingredients as well as the packaging in very small amounts, therefore they cost more and over 70% of the ingredients are organic.

Many of the well known huge corporate companies buy large amounts of their raw ingredients at a much cheaper price as well as producing large quantities of products in their factories. We hand make and hand fill each product which is more time consuming, we prefer it this way! We are our own manufacturers!

Press enquiries please contact Geeta Sood at [email protected]


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