The Formula Botanica Scholarship Program

Formula Botanica Scholarship Program

At Formula Botanica, we believe that everyone has the potential to become a successful natural cosmetic formulator.

With 15,000 students and graduates in over 180 countries, we see just how our courses can bring positive change to lives. Every day, we hear from Formula Botanica graduates who have used their studies to become successful skincare entrepreneurs. Their personal and professional journeys inspire us and our students.

It is our mission to teach the world to formulate and to make our courses accessible to everyone.

We are delighted to offer the Formula Botanica Scholarship Program as an opportunity for more people to follow their dream of a career in natural formulation. Each year, we commit to funding five prospective students on our Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation who can demonstrate their desire to make natural formulation a life-changing experience.

Through the Formula Botanica Scholarship, we are helping potential students not only by generously waiving our course fees, but also by making a significant resource commitment. An education from Formula Botanica, the award-winning online cosmetic formulation school, is highly regarded in the industry. The value of a Formula Botanica scholarship lies in its potential to launch you into a new career in the fast-growing, innovative natural cosmetics’ sector.

What we are looking for


Each scholarship brings with it hundreds of hours of behind-the-scenes work. We are looking for potential in our scholarship students and for people determined to make positive change in the beauty industry. As a scholarship student, you will receive dedicated guidance throughout your studies from our specialist education team. You benefit from exclusive access to our extensive, updated resources, as well as lifetime membership of the Formula Botanica online classroom of over 10K like-minded peers in our community of natural formulators.


The program demands an enormous amount of time and hard work, and if you apply for a Formula Botanica Scholarship, we would expect you to commit to your studies. Our application process outlined below is in several stages and requires thought and attention to detail to complete. The body of knowledge and access we provide to current industry trends and research is invaluable and a first in beauty industry training. To make the most of the Diploma course and our resources during your scholarship, you will need to dedicate serious time to your studies.


If you have a passion for learning about natural formulation, can commit yourself to completing your studies in a year, and can demonstrate an understanding of the natural cosmetics’ sector today, we’d love to receive your application.

The Formula Botanica Scholarship can offer you entry into the fast-growing natural beauty sector and the skills to launch a truly life-changing career.

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Formula Botanica Scholarship Application

The Scholarship application period is now open. We are receiving applications from 26th May to 09th June 2023.
Selection results will be announced via email on 3rd July 2023.


Formula Botanica Scholarship Application

Our 2022 Scholarship application period is closed. We will open applications again from 26th May to 09th June, 2023.

In the meantime, please read the instructions below which will allow you to prepare for your application in advance.

Please note, these dates may be subject to change.

Application process information

Formula Botanica Scholarship Program

To apply for a Scholarship, you need to complete a 6-step application form. Each step is outlined here so that you can prepare your application in advance. In awarding a scholarship, Formula Botanica is investing in your future, so in completing your application, make sure you explain clearly why we should be investing in you and how a Formula Botanica education will change your future.

You will be required to add some personal information such as identification and contact information so that we can contact you. 

You will be required to write an essay for your scholarship application, providing answers to the three topics outlined below:

1. Introduction letter
In this section of your application, we would like to know why you think you are a good candidate for our scholarship. In this letter, you should give us an introduction to yourself, highlight what sets you apart and explain why you deserve this scholarship. The letter should be between 200 to 300 words.

2. Motivation letter
In this section we would like to hear why you are interested in organic skincare formulation and why having a Formula Botanica education is important for you. Please highlight any particular interests you have in the field and why you are driven to study organic formulation. The letter should be between 200 to 300 words.

3. Your career goals
Here, you should provide us with a clear view of your career aspirations and how receiving this scholarship will help you to thrive and achieve your professional goals. We would like to learn what inspires your career goals, know about any specific plans you have, and how will you use the knowledge acquired with this scholarship to support your goals. This letter should be between 200 to 300 words.


Your essay should cover all three points outlined above and have between 600 words and 900 words.

You will be required to provide us with a recommendation letter from a recognised member of your community, such as a school principal, a teacher, your current or previous manager. Please note that letters of recommendation from a family member or a friend won’t be acceptable. This letter should contain from 200 – 300 words.

If your application is successful, you will need to dedicate a minimum of 100 hours in one year in order to complete your Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation. Provide us with a study plan that details how you intend to arrange your week and how many hours you will commit to your studies weekly so that you can complete your course. Please keep it simple and under 50 words.

We are looking forward to getting to know you better. Please record a two-minute video for your Scholarship application, in which you introduce yourself briefly and answer this question:

Why I want to join Formula Botanica and why I haven’t joined you yet?

Your video should be no more than two minutes.

To apply to our Scholarship Program, you need to read and accept our Scholarship Terms & Conditions. Please make sure you read these carefully, as you will need to conduct preliminary research to confirm you can commit to them.

Please also make sure you complete your application process according to the guidelines we provide here, which are emphasised within the application form. Applications that do not contain all the requested information or do not follow our guidelines will not be considered.

Selection Process

Our designated scholarship committee will carry out the selection process according to the eligibility criteria outlined on this page and the guidelines on the application form. You must meet the criteria in order to apply for a scholarship. Candidates will be evaluated against the quality of application.

If you are selected, you have one year to complete your course and your progress will be monitored. It is mandatory that you complete 25% of your course each quarter in order to complete the Diploma in the allotted timeframe. The scholarship cannot be renewed once the year is completed.

Formula Botanica Scholarship Program
Formula Botanica Scholarship Program
Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for a Formula Botanica Scholarship you must comply with the following Eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants must be 18 years or older on the date of their application. Proof of date of birth will be required.
  • Applicants must not have had a previous scholarship with Formula Botanica.
  • Applicants must not be a present or past student on any Formula Botanica course/s.
  • Applicants must read and accept the Scholarship Terms & Conditions.
  • No relative of any staff member of Formula Botanica may apply.
  • No affiliate or partners, or a member of their family may apply.
  • No staff member of contracted suppliers to Formula Botanica may apply.
  • Formula Botanica Scholarships are open to applicants worldwide.
  • Successful applicants must confirm before commencement of their scholarship that they are able to purchase, in their country, all necessary ingredients and equipment which is a mandatory requirement for course completion. (Ingredients and equipment are listed in our FAQs). Formula Botanica will not purchase any equipment or ingredients for you, but will provide a GB£200 to assist with purchases.


Our Scholarship committee is available at [email protected]

We ask you not to email requesting updates on your application status. Please read the FAQs outlined here to receive all the important information about your application.

In order to be eligible for a Formula Botanica Scholarship, you must comply with our Eligibility criteria, which are outlined above on this page.

Our Scholarship Program opens for application once a year and the application timeframe is two weeks. In order to apply to our Scholarship Program you should read the application process information outlined above on this page. This will help you prepare all the required documents in advance. Once the application is open, you will be able to access the application form via this page. You need to upload all the required information to the online form.

We recommend that you add a notification to your personal calendar so you do not miss the deadline to apply. Once the application period is over, you will only be able to apply again the next year.

Once your application form is submitted, it is not possible to make changes to it. If you notice that you have made a mistake on your registration details, such as your name or email address, please notify our Scholarship committee via our Scholarship Program email [email protected].

Once your application form is submitted it is not possible to make changes to it. If you notice you have made a mistake on your application, please submit your form again and notify our Scholarship committee via our Scholarship Program email [email protected]. If the application period has already closed, you will need to apply the following year for the next intake.

All fields of your application form are mandatory. Please make sure you follow our application guidelines. If your application is missing information, you will be disqualified. You may be able to edit or add to your form if the application period has not closed. See our FAQ: Can I edit or add to my application after submitting it?

All the questions and documents requested in our application form are mandatory. We outline the application process above on this page so that you can prepare all the requested information in advance.

We recommend that you read the application steps carefully and prepare your scholarship essay, study plan, recommendation letter and video in advance, to be uploaded during the application period.

Please also make sure you add the Scholarship application dates to your personal calendar so that you do not miss the application deadline.

Yes. Once the Scholarship application period is open, you will have access to a form where you will be able to upload all the required information. We recommended that you read the application process information outlined in this page, in order to prepare all the required documents in advance so you can upload them to the application form all at once.

Our Scholarship Program application opens for two weeks a year.

Once you complete your application form, you will receive a message notifying you if your application was submitted successfully. It will give you the date on which we announce the names of candidates who were successful in obtaining a scholarship. We do not provide updates on the selection process nor your application status and we ask you to you wait for the scholarship announcement to find out if you were successful.

Yes. If you decide to withdraw your application you just need to email our Scholarship committee at [email protected] and our team will cancel your application.


We love receiving your emails. We try to respond to all messages within 2 working days, but are often much faster!

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