Inas Mohamed Al-Maalawi: Introducing our first Egyptian Tutor

Formula Botanica Approved Tutor Arabic

Cairo, Egypt

Formula Botanica is very proud to introduce our first Egyptian Tutor – Inas Mohamed Al-Maalawi. Inas lives in Cairo and was one of the first tutors to become licenced under our Tutor Training Programme. This month she starts teaching her first workshops and we’re delighted to promote her upcoming classes.

Could you please tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Inas. I’m a Formula Botanica graduate. I took all the certificates of the school and I loved making skincare products through my life.

I graduated in Economic and political sciences from Cairo University. All the time I was looking for how to make my own natural beauty products in professional way. I’ve taken many courses then I found Formula Botanica to learn about beauty in depth through their diplomas & courses. I love this school very much and I felt that I don’t want to leave them, I got my tutor certificate to teach their unique courses.

Why did you want to become a Formula Botanica Tutor?

I never wanted to be a teacher but when it come to the beauty field that I love, I found it a good chance, why won’t give it a try? At least I can make people aware of natural products and how can they make their own, convincing them of the importance to go green instead of harmful chemicals that invade us everywhere.

I love also to teach something special and unique in the world as the information in these courses are very precious and I can consider it industry secrets of know-how.

Where are you based and where will you be teaching your classes?

I’m from Egypt. I live in Cairo, so I’m going to teach my classes here. Sometimes people come from far governorates/ provinces to study something they love.

Tell us a bit about you will be running your classes?

I’m thinking of using power points, videos and handouts to explain in various ways. I will also introduce more information for attendees as I know that some people want to know some points in bigger picture. Also I added something I think it could be interesting  for the anti-ageing course, it’s a video about making facial anti-ageing exercises at the end.

Which classes are you most looking forward to teaching?

I think it’ll be anti-ageing & chocolate courses. Anti-ageing because this what people especially women are looking for and Chocolate as everyone loves chocolate. Just its name alone makes the course attractive and make people want to know what are they going to take in this unique course.

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take 3 cosmetic ingredients with you, what would you take?

For products: my precious serum, cleanser & masque.

For ingredients: honey, shea butter & avocado or olive oil.

If you want to attend one of Inas’ classes in Cairo, here are the details for her first class:

  • Date: 21st of June 2014
  • Time: 10:00
  • Course: Formula Botanica Licenced Anti-Ageing Facial Skincare Workshop
  • Place:  ElWessam Center For Consulting And Training, Cairo
  • Contact e-mail: [email protected]
  • Contact phone number: 0109 807 0549


To sign up for the event, please visit



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