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founder: Rakhi Pikle
course: International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program + Certificate in Facial Masque Therapy + Certificate in Chocolate Spa Products
Graduation year: 2020
location: India
Hero product: Moisturizing Hand & Feet Cream is my current hero product

Brand overview

The Green Sage, founded by Rakhi Pikle, makes affordable and high-quality skincare products. The brand has a passion for nature and believes that a holistic and plant-based lifestyle is the key to bringing about optimal wellness. Every product is inspired by nature and every ingredient has a specific and therapeutic reason to be in a formula. The products are handmade in small batches using traditional techniques with a modern twist. In this way, every product is unique and personal.

The Green Sage products aim at helping you discover harmony between nature and modern life. The brand focuses on products that are natural, ethical, environmentally conscious and cruelty free. Formula Botanica helped Rakhi to move from a beginner to an accomplished formulator by giving her all the support she needed. She has also deepened her knowledge of emulsion techniques and is keen to explore these types of formulations more.



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