Ilaria Matta from Broosha


founder: Ilaria Matta
course: International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program + The Lab
Graduation year: 2021
location: The Netherlands
Hero product: Endemik Face Serum Oil

Brand overview

Broosha is a Dutch-Sardinian skincare brand based in Amsterdam with products created and manufactured in Sardinia, Italy. It focuses on plant-based local ingredients from the island that have been used for centuries on skin problems. Broosha founder Ilaria Matta is originally from Sardinia but has lived in Amsterdam for the past 10 years.

Broosha selects the best ingredients found on Sardinia and blends them together to create unique formulas for women who value selfcare and want to live a more sustainable lifestyle choosing natural and ethical skincare products. All the ingredients blended in Broosha’s formulas are produced locally and products are manufactured in Sardinia to be shipped within Europe only in order to help reduce the carbon footprint and impact of the brand. Broosha’s packaging is mostly made of recycled materials like glass and plastic, and the paper used for print is also recycled. Broosha’ products are created to be used together as all ingredients work in synergy to give the skin a fresh and healthy look. Our skin needs love and nature and Broosha knows it! Less guilt, more joy.

Formula Botanica gave Ilaria the knowledge and qualifications she needed to start and launch her brand. Previously, she had thought only cosmetic chemists working in labs could produce the formulations she aspired to create. Formula Botanica showed her that her dreams could come true coupled with hard work and determination to succeed.


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