Keep Calm and Formulate with a Free Mini Botanical Formulation Course

2020-04 Free mini botanical formulation course

At Formula Botanica we wanted to lend our support to the indie beauty community during this period of uncertainty by offering everyone an open-access mini formulation course.

At the outset of the restrictions imposed to curb the spread of Covid-19, we asked our students how the school could help them navigate isolation and the new normal of their daily lives. The unanimous response was for us to help them keep up their momentum in formulating.

The online course which runs from 30 March for three weeks is designed not only to encourage beginner formulators to ‘keep calm and carry on formulating’, but also to help anyone with an interest in natural cosmetics learn new skills and find support participating in a like-minded community.

Through the course, Formula Botanica is offering some of the school’s best beginner material for free, and giving new formulators the opportunity to study on its gold award-winning, eLearning platform.

School director Lorraine Dallmeier said that Formula Botanica wanted to give people hope and positivity through formulation and open up its learning platform to a wider community in this period of need:

“There is something very soothing, grounding and uplifting about creating organic skincare formulations with plants. In a world that seems continuously in a rush, plants represent a stillness. Their beauty and diversity is hugely important to creating the feeling of wellness we all crave in our lives – particularly now, when everyone is stressed and worried.”

Learning how to formulate organic skincare with plants, flowers and herbs is an amazing, empowering skill that anyone can learn, and with most natural ingredient suppliers’ online stores still operating, a free, mini formulation course became a viable way to support indie beauty lovers,” said Dallmeier.

Each Monday during the course, Formula Botanica is releasing bite-sized, step-by-step lessons to encourage beginners to make their own, much-needed botanical facial formulations such as toners, cleansers and facial serums at home. The lessons are followed up with a live teaching webinar on the Formula Botanica Facebook Page where the school’s education team will be on hand to help answer questions about organic skincare formulation.

We are encouraging people to post up their week’s formulations on Instagram with the #formulabotanica hashtag so that the school can share their photos and inspire others to stay calm and carry on formulating at home and help overcome their sense of isolation through participating in an online community of formulators.

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Under the rallying call of ‘Let’s formulate together’, we would encourage you to take part and also to share with anyone who may need a boost at this time. Learning to formulate is a fun, empowering skill we want everyone to have!

We have received many important questions about the current situation from our students and community. We wanted to answer them, offer support and help everyone focus on formulating:

How can I best use this time to move my learning forward?

Now is the perfect time to think about where you are currently and where you would like to be. If you are new to formulation, but have always wanted to be a formulator our mini-course is the perfect place for you to start.

If you are a current student with Formula Botanica, plan out your time so that you make the most of your courses and feel the amazing sense of achievement that comes with finishing your courses and achieving your dreams. We are here to support you.

Can I continue to source ingredients during lockdown?

This depends on where you are in the world. In some regions shipping and online purchases will be relatively unaffected and in others there may be more impact. We suggest checking individual websites for exact details of their service during this time.

Will all cosmetic ingredients be available for me to purchase?

We have seen some ingredients such as certain alcohols that are used as disinfectants and hand sanitisers sold out completely due to the surge in demand. Some pieces of personal protective equipment such as rubber gloves have also become difficult to find in some parts of the world.

If you already have ingredient supplies, now is the ideal time to use up ingredients that may be nearing their expiration date. We often store more ingredients than we really realise, so it is a good time to take stock and even to try new ingredients that you have bought but haven’t used before.

I am completely new to formulating. Can I start now?

Absolutely! Formulating is a wonderfully empowering skill and above all it is fun. In these times where we are in need of activities to relieve stress and stimulate creativity, we highly recommend you start formulating and allow yourself fall in love with botanical ingredients.

This mini-course is now closed but you can follow our other free training course which is always available. Find out more and sign up for it on the link below.

Free online formulation course

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Keep Calm and Formulate with a Free Mini Botanical Formulation Course

Ana is the Education Manager at Formula Botanica she has over ten years of experience in the natural and organic beauty industry and keeps up to date with all the trends and industry changes. Learn more about the Formula Botanica team here.


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