Certificate in Cosmetic Stability Testing

Our Certificate in Cosmetic Stability Testing will teach you how to design appropriate stability tests for your cosmetics range. In this course you’ll learn how to choose the right stability testing for your cosmetics and make sure that your products are remain safe and stable for their shelf life.

This course is suitable for people with existing cosmetic brands or students with formulation experience. This Certificate will teach you how to make your cosmetics range safe, stable and sellable.


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Learn how to perform Cosmetic Stability Tests

Learn the difference between physical, chemical, mechanical, microbiological and functional stability tests. You don’t need to equip your lab with expensive testing kit in order to undertake a sensible stability test. Discover which tests you can easily and inexpensively perform in your artisan cosmetics lab in order to ensure that your products are stable and sellable.

Certificate in Cosmetic Stability Testing
Certificate in Cosmetic Stability Testing

Accurately Predict your Cosmetic Shelf Life

Do you know how long your cosmetic product will last? Many artisan formulators have an approximate idea, but few can state with confidence what the shelf life of their products will be. Take the guesswork out of your calculations by actually understanding how to design a stability study and predict an accurate shelf life for your products.

Create a Regular Cosmetic Stability Testing Schedule

When you formulate cosmetic products, you need to implement a testing schedule to regularly check the stability of your products. Whether you create your products fresh to order, or create batches in advance, learn how to prepare a regular testing schedule to ensure that you know what to look for in changes in your products. Cover all the environmental factors that could cause changes and choose the best tests to monitor these changes.

Certificate in Cosmetic Stability Testing

Course Delivery

Elham Eghbali

Taught by Formula Botanica’s Associate Lecturer – Cosmetic Chemist Dr. Elham Eghbali – this course runs all year round.

At the start of the course, students can log into their Virtual Learning Environment on the Formula Botanica website to access a comprehensive 4-part handbook, which is paired by a video lecture. Students are then be able to take an online assignment to test their knowledge before being sent a Certificate of Completion.

Course Syllabus

This is an online course which will teach you how to preserve your skincare products naturally and safely. Our Certificate in Cosmetic Stability Testing consists of 4 main modules, which are all accessed through our website. Part of the class is also taught through live webinar.

Module 1 – Why test for stability?

Many artisan cosmetic formulators don’t regularly test the stability of their products. You’ll learn why stability testing is critical to the success of your business, we’ll look at the damage that could potentially be done to your reputation if you sold unstable products and we’ll review the legal requirements for stability.

CCST Module 1


CCST Module 1

Unit Title

Why Test for Stability?

Unit Content

Learn what it means to have a stable cosmetic product – avoid the nightmare of precipitated pigments, suspended particles, separated emulsions in 2 or 3 phases, discolouration or changed viscosity.

Change your business ethos by embedding stability into the core of everything you do – we’ll teach you how.

When is cosmetic stability testing a legal requirement? We’ll run you through the scenarios you must consider to keep your products safe and legal.

Run through the 9 main reasons that you need to test for cosmetic stability in your products.

Module 2 – Setting up your Lab

Mainstream cosmetics laboratories contain tens of thousands of dollars worth of testing equipment. As an artisan formulator, you need to rely on simpler equipment which is still effective. Run through the main requirements for your artisan cosmetics lab, so that you can still run a comprehensive regular testing schedule.

CCST Module 2


CCST Module 2

Unit Title

Setting up your Lab

Unit Content

Make sure you have the 12 most important pieces of (affordable) equipment for your artisan cosmetics lab. We’ll teach you what they are, how they work and how to use them.

Learn how to use a pH meter – how to create solutions, how to calibrate your pH meter, how to store it and more.

Understand how to set up your artisan cosmetics lab so that you are ready to undertake your stability testing schedule for your own products.

Module 3 – Choosing the Right Stability Test

Depending on the product you’re formulating, as well as its ingredients, packaging and overall efficacy, you will need to determine which stability test is most suitable. We’ll run through the huge variety of tests available to you and help you learn how to conduct them confidently and properly.

CCST Module 3


CCST Module 3

Unit Title

Choosing the Right Stability Test

Unit Content

Learn the 20 different types of stability test available to you as an artisan cosmetics formulator. Learn why, when and how to undertake them, as well as understanding when you can perform these tests yourself or when you need to outsource them.

Receive sample testing schedules, which you can modify for your own products and your own stability testing regime.

Understand which of these tests are mandatory and which are good practice.

Module 4 – Determining Shelf Life

The two most important objectives of running stability tests are (1) ensuring that the product is stable and (2) determining the shelf life of your product. In this module we will show you how to use your stability test results to set a sensible shelf life for your product and ensure that it remains stable for this duration.

CCST Module 4


CCST Module 4

Unit Title

Determining Shelf Life

Unit Content

Learn how to intrapolate the results of your stability tests and measurements in order to calculate your product’s shelf life.

Cover how to plan your batch sizes and packaging, as well as how to label your products correctly to display their shelf life.

Study the differences in global temperatures and relative humidity and how this affects your products and their stability.

Additional Bonuses

When you study with Formula Botanica, you become part of a close-knit international community of students and graduates all around the world. We support you all throughout your studies and beyond, and we give you access to our expert botanical skincare science and business files while you are enrolled on your courses.

Bonus 1 – Network with your Peers

Once you enrol with us, you are welcomed into our international student community groups which contain many hundreds of our students and graduates from all over the world. Everyone knows each other and many of our students meet up in their respective countries to share information and formulate together.

In our groups you will receive expert tutor support and peer support. Ask questions, share photos, troubleshoot formulations. Celebrate your victories and get encouragement when you need it. You are never alone.

Network with your peers
Student Resources Library

Bonus 2 – Access our Student Resources Library

When you become a student with Formula Botanica, you also gain exclusive access to our Student Resources Library for the duration of your course. Access our:

  • Preferred supplier guide which contains hundreds of global companies
  • Extensive ingredients directory with listings of over 100 natural ingredients
  • Formulation percentage-to-weight calculator
  • Collection of many hours of expert webinars
  • Scientific research collection
  • Recommended reading list

Bonus 3 – Ongoing Support After Graduation

The support doesn’t finish when you graduate. We want to keep in touch with you once you’ve finished your course and support your career in organic skincare. We offer lots of free promotion for our graduates because we want to help give your business the support it needs when you launch it or as you grow it.

Be featured widely on our website, on social media and on our mailing list. Formula Botanica has many thousands of followers and subscribers all around the world so this will help you create a splash when you launch.

Ongoing Support After Graduation

Enrol for our Certificate in Cosmetic Stability Testing to learn one of the most important formulation skills – ensuring your products stay safe, stable and sellable.

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Basic formulation experience. For people who wish to keep their products stable for their shelf life.

Live Q&A webinar

Final online assessment at the end of the course.

Live webinar Q&A. Peer support & tutor support via a private Facebook classroom.

£210.00 Enrol Now

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