Meet the Skincare Entrepreneur: Dewi Kauw from Skin Dewi

Studying natural organic skincare can lead you down some surprising entrepreneurial paths in the beauty industry, as we found out when we spoke to Dewi Kauw. A recent graduate of the Formula Botanica International Organic Natural Skincare Entrepreneur Program, Dewi went on to not only launch her own skincare brand – Skin Dewi – but also set out on a mission to help people take control of their own skin health in a way that goes beyond buying branded products.

In just a couple of years, Dewi has created three successful strands to her natural organic skincare business, all under the Skin Dewi brand. She has a range of intelligently formulated skincare aimed at all skin types but with a focus on dry, sensitive skin as well as alleviating acne. In addition, Dewi runs natural organic skincare workshops from her Jakarta store. Through the workshops, Dewi enables her students to dig deep into natural skincare ingredients so they can discover their own very individual approach to what suits them.

Realising there was a lack of natural raw materials in Indonesia, Dewi set about offering core raw ingredients so her customers could develop their own formulations. She sells both her own Skin Dewi branded products as well as a range of ingredients on her web store.

However, Dewi isn’t stopping there! She has recently launched her Acne Freedom Campaign, through which she seeks to help long-term acne sufferers understand and alleviate their own individual causes of acne. Her goal is to help 1 million people.

Dewi says that her mission started from a feeling that something was missing from her business. “I wanted to give back to the community and realised that among my customers, acne was a big issue. I thought: how can I help all these people? I’ve set myself the goal of helping 1 million people achieve acne freedom and am driving the campaign through videos, my blog, Instagram and also on local media here in Indonesia. I want to build a community which can share experiences and inspire others to achieve ‘Acne Freedom’.”

Dewi says that her studies on the International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program helped her think laterally about how to enter the natural beauty industry.

She says that one of the key benefits of the the program was how it taught her to conduct her own deep research into natural ingredients and to fathom out things for herself. “Entrepreneurs will face issues and problems and no one is there to tell you later on what to do, so you need to figure it out. What Formula Botanica excels at in its program is giving you the right tools and skills – rather than giving you a formulaic approach to learning – from which to go on to create your own unique entry into the natural beauty business.”

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Thanks so much to Dewi for sharing her inspiration and experiences in creating her brand. If you’d like to follow Skin Dewi online, head over to:

Skin Dewi Website
Skin Dewi on Instagram
Skin Dewi on Facebook
Skin Dewi on Twitter

Our full International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program is open for registration NOW! It closes on 16th October at 16.00 hrs UK time and won’t be reopening until spring 2019.

Alternatively, browse one of our many other courses in natural organic skin and hair care and try out a free sample class.

Why not join our community over on our Skincare Entrepreneur Mastermind group on Facebook, where Dewi and other former students and entrepreneurs share their knowledge and tips?

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