4 Top Tips for Glowing Skin and Lustrous Hair

Lustrous Hair and Glowing Skin

We all aspire to have radiant skin and lustrous tresses, but how do we achieve both? I passionately believe that skin and hair vitality comes from within, nourish the body with exceptional nutrients and you will glow like a goddess from the inside out.

If you make one change this year to your diet, eat raw PHYTONUTRIENTS (plant based foods) every day for vital ANTIOXIDANTS to neutralize the ravages of free radicals on the skin cells. Choose blue, purple, red, green, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, ideally 7 a day. Nature is so clever that these sources of Antioxidants also contain vitamin C for collagen and elastin production, vitamin A (Retinol) for cell health, and Sulphur for strong connective tissue.

Top Tip 1: The Power of Probiotics

The most important part of the body to focus on in 2014 is our digestive systems. Your digestive tract is like the soil that your hair and skin grow in; if the soil isn’t healthy, the plants won’t bloom properly.

For perfect health we need a 80:20 split of good and bad bacteria. 21st Century living strips the body of good bacteria and allows bad bacteria to reign supreme leading to a host of health issues and skin concerns. Re-populate the gut with good bacteria by eating and drinking probiotic foods. My favourites include all green leafy vegetables, sea vegetables and raw milk. I also take probiotic supplements.

Top Tip 2: Fat is Good: Eat lots of Omega 3 Fats every day

We cannot absorb and utilise nutrients without Omega 3 fats in our diets. Omega 3 fats are vital for a healthy brain, heart, nervous system, digestive system, and at a cellular level for effective and healthy cell division. Foods naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids include dark green leafy vegetables, raw walnuts, wild salmon, flax seeds, free-range eggs. Healthy foods naturally rich in flavonoids include lettuce, cherries and raw chocolate!

Top Tip 3: I am Sweet Enough

Processed sugar is the most ageing substance on the planet, it binds with collagen and elastin molecules and literally sucks the life force out of them, reducing the structure and elasticity of your skin. Age and liver spots are formed when sugar and collagen react repeatedly over time. Natural forms of sugar that work in synergy with the body include: raw honey, yacon root syrup, green stevia, dried figs or other dried fruits.

Top Tip 4: Say No to Grains

Every client I see with a skin complaint is intolerant to grains. I recommend a 6-week trial of a gluten-free diet that excludes wheat, rye, and barley to restore vitality and clear skin.

The gluten-containing form of grains that are available today have been so interfered with by the food industry, that the body cannot digest and metabolise them, leading to chronic internal inflammation that will manifest as poor skin and hair loss.

This article was written by Juliette Scarfe, Skin Nutritionist and one of Formula Botanica’s graduates. Juliette runs Bareskin Beauty where she sells her gorgeous natural products and treatments. Follow Juliette and Bareskin Beauty on Facebook and on Twitter to keep up to date with all her other top tips!

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  1. Elise Miller 4 years ago

    Very useful tips! Great job!

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