25 Indie Beauty Graduates You Should Be Supporting Right Now

2020-06 indie beauty graduates formula botanica

We love to support our students and indie beauty graduates at Formula Botanica, so that we can celebrate their amazing achievements in creating indie beauty brands that sell beautiful botanical formulations worldwide. Our community hosts students and graduates from 162 countries around the world, who are either formulating for themselves or creating unique and innovative indie beauty brands that are changing lives.

If you’ve been following Formula Botanica for a while, then you’ll know that we are passionate about leading the global green beauty movement and that we feel strongly about lifting up small beauty businesses around the world.

Some small businesses have been hit hard by the 2020 pandemic,  so we want to highlight several indie beauty graduates and their brands handpicked from our community, for you to purchase your next natural lotions, serums, oils, toners, cleansers, mask and scrubs from. These brands were built by founders who want to create positive change in the world – so let’s support them as a community!

As you read this article, make sure you have your credit card ready to start your green beauty shopping spree. Now let’s find your nearest green beauty artisan, so you can join us in shopping local and lifting up the indie beauty community.

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25 Formula Botanica Indie Beauty Graduates You Should Be Supporting Right Now

1. Pamoja Skincare – UK

Indie Beauty Graduates - Pamoja Skincare

Pamoja Skincare was founded by Formula Botanica graduate Sarah Taylor, to help women care for their skin, and themselves while making positive changes for the planet. Pamoja Skincare sells a capsule range of high performance, versatile products that combine innovative science-backed natural actives with high quality natural, organic and wild-harvested botanicals to soothe and hydrate, repair and protect even the most sensitive skin from environmental stress and damage.

Sarah credits Formula Botanica with creating the path she needed to become an organic skincare entrepreneur. In Sarah’s own words: “For years, I had dreamed of being in business doing what I love. Joining Formula Botanica was a complete game-changer, providing enormous expertise, support and inspiration and massively accelerating my progress towards this goal.”

Sarah’s hero formulation is her Revive Multi-action Face Cream, a high performance, multitasking face cream, which contains multifunctional active ingredients such as marula oil, ethically harvested Columbian Kahai™ oil, cold-pressed Red Raspberry seed oil, Arctic Blackcurrant CO2 and Hyaluronic Acid.

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2. Hayah Organics – Saudi Arabia

Indie Beauty Graduates - Hayah Organics

Hayah Organics was founded by Formula Botanica graduate Sarah Alrehaimi. Driven by a lack of natural and organic products available to her in Saudi Arabia, she embarked on her journey to create a brand offering organic skincare and baby care products catering for the whole family.

Sarah tells us that Formula Botanica taught her the science behind formulation and took her from a recipe follower to an innovator: “Formula Botanica taught me the science behind creating a recipe. It taught me to slow down and look closely at the ingredients and how they work together, how they work on our skin, and how they look in a jar. My products work, and they’re beautiful because of what I learned, and that has helped my brand stand out among the masses. With my knowledge I had more confidence talking about my products and selling them.”

Sarah’s hero formulation is her Ageless Beauty oil, a nourishing face oil packed with a beautiful blend  of botanical oils including argan, rosehip and carrot seed.

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3. Solo Skin London – UK

Indie Beauty Graduates - Solo Skin London

Solo Skin London was founded by Formula Botanica graduate Naz Bashir. Solo Skin London’s aim is to help people understand that we only have one skin and that we do need to look after it by having a self-care routine. Naz promotes people being their true authentic self. To be happy with or with out make up, lashes or just wanting to be at peace and finally be accepted for yourself in your very own skin.

Naz credits Formula Botanica with creating the path she needed to become an organic skincare entrepreneur. In Naz’ own words: “Formula Botanica has helped my dreams come true, it’s opened so many doors that I never thought would open! I love that the community is so approachable and I love how the FB team is so friendly and easy to talk too! I am looking forward to the next year so I can take more courses! FB has also helped with my confidence, I found it so difficult to be visible, but Lorraine’s encouragement has got me on my Live streams at least twice a week, creating videos, recording podcasts! I LOVE Formula Botanica!

Naz’ hero formulation is her Night Face Oil which is formulated for those who suffer from problematic skin. This oil is used at night and Naz says that her customers have all given feedback that they wake up with a radiant glow!

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4. Eon Skin Therapy – Canada

Indie Beauty Graduates - Eon Skin Therapy

Eon Skin Therapy was founded by Formula Botanica graduate Laura Riopelle. Eon Skin Therapy creates plant-forward, age-embracing skincare that harnesses the power of natural botanicals. Laura’s high performance formulations are designed to nourish the skin at an affordable price.

Laura credits Formula Botanica with giving the training she needed to create formulations that developed a brand grown by word of mouth. In Laura’s own words: “A year ago, at the urging of friends and customers that encouraged me to create something that looked as sophisticated as my products felt, I rebranded (with the help of a brand development/marketing firm). In November 2019, Eon Skin Therapy was born. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be here, three years after I started my first Formula Botanica course!

Laura’s hero formulation is her Calm Night Treatment, an exotic blend of botanical butters and oils infused with blue tansy and other effective essential oils, which is appropriate for all skin types, but is especially effective for dry and/or irritated and inflamed skin.

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5. Pure Savvy – UK

Indie Beauty Graduates - Pure Savvy

Pure Savvy was founded by our very own Chief Operating Officer Steph Kelby, who is also a Formula Botanica graduate! We hardly ever get the chance to promote Steph’s lovely beauty brand because we’re always so busy talking about our other graduates, so we’re thrilled to finally feature Pure Savvy. Steph’s passion is helping other time-starved women realise that there is an alternative to the ritualised, ‘take time for you’ skincare routines that are advertised all around us. Pure Savvy was founded with a rebellious spirit and the drive to create high-performance skincare that delivers results in an instant.

Steph credits Formula Botanica with changing her life. In Steph’s own words: “It’s no exaggeration to say that studying with Formula Botanica was truly transformational. Whilst on paper my life looked fantastic, travelling all over the world and meeting new people, actually staying for weeks in hotel rooms is not very exciting and one office block looks like any other office block wherever you are in the world. I’ve swapped this for a life as a brand owner plus I swapped the corporate office for my own home where I work with an amazing bunch of people and have started my own brand“.

Steph’s hero formulation is her Close of Play Overnight Radiance Serum, formulated with hyaluronic acid, CO-Q10 and botanicals that will gently exfoliate your skin and deliver intense hydration leaving your skin brighter and more radiant overnight.

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6. RUE – Norway


RUE was founded by Formula Botanica graduate Kristina Dunn. In pure Scandinavian form, at RUE Kristina creates deeply hydrating, simply soothing plant-based skincare for delicate skin types.

Kristina credits Formula Botanica with helping her acquire the skills needed to turn her DIY skincare hobby into a business. In Kristina’s own words: “The journey helped open many doors to becoming a skincare entrepreneur and the experience was both challenging and loads of fun! I highly recommend joining the Formula Botanica community if you have a passion for creating natural skincare.

Kristina’s hero formulation is her Hydrate Elixir, which features ingredients such as Swedish Plant Stem Cells, Icelandic Sea Kale and Snow Mushroom.

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7. OSCO Natural & Organic – Hong Kong

Indie Beauty Graduates - OSCO Natural

OSCO Natural & Organic was founded by registered nurse and Formula Botanica graduate Coyran Cheung. OSCO was created to address your skin concerns, raise your health awareness and bring you back to nature by providing natural and organic healthy lifestyle products.

Coyran tells us that Formula Botanica gave her the skills and confidence she needed to start her brand. In her own words: “I am now so confident in designing and formulating and in selling my products internationally. In addition, I love the community of Formula Botanica! Tutors and Facebook classroom mates are so eager to support each other. I have made so many friends in this sector thanks to Formula Botanica!

Coyran’s hero formulation is her Pollution Defense Serum, a high performance facial oil with light and fast absorbing texture. It is made with 12 potent and precious oils and extracts that are high in antioxidants and fatty acids. Coyran also sells her Pollution Detox Mask, which was a winner in the Best Face Mask category at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020.

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8. Alami Skincare – UK

Indie Beauty Graduates - Alami Skincare

Next up in our list of amazing indie beauty graduates is Alami Skincare, founded by Formula Botanica graduate Anna Sitorus, who makes affordable, high quality natural and organic skincare, handmade in beautiful Devon, UK. Anna’s ethos is to make natural skincare more accessible to everyone and she has gained lots of local customers who have switched from conventional products to her natural brand.

Anna tells us that Formula Botanica taught her how to start her own organic skincare brand: “Formula Botanica has given me the knowledge and confidence to formulate my products, knowing that I am doing everything legally and correctly. It’s also great to be part of a big community who support each other.

Anna’s hero formulation is her Pure Nourish Facial Oil with frankincense and rose, which is light, non pore blocking, deeply nourishing and packed full of vitamins, fatty acids, squalane & antioxidants making it perfect to work for all skin types. This facial oil works particularly well with dry and mature skin.

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9. Naughty Alchemist – Denmark

Indie Beauty Graduates - Naughty Alchemist

The cheekily named Naughty Alchemist was founded by Formula Botanica graduate Stella Nisreen Kanaan. As a successful beauty salon owner Stella wanted to explore her deep passion and love of plant based further and so Naughty Alchemist was born. With a gorgeous capsule collection of products, Stella’s range is lovingly hand crafted in her in house Apothecary lab.

Stella tells us that as a successful spa owner she was approached by many private label companies, but she knew she wanted to take a different approach and so this led her to finding Formula Botanica “I wanted to understand what is in my cosmetics, the whole design of it and when I found Formula Botanica, everything the school stands for was exactly what I needed in my life to launch my own brand”. 

Stella’s hero formulation is her Moonlight Renewing Serum, which aims to support the body’s natural nightly regeneration – renewing and replenishing the skin. With its nutrient density and highly active botanical extract of 7 nutrient plants Moonlight Renewing Serum stimulates the functioning of your skin cells, regenerates the barrier function, and reduces skin water loss. Skin is replenished, soothed and transformed to a natural state of health and radiance.

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10. Naivilo – Ireland

Indie Beauty Graduates - Naivilo

Naivilo was founded by Formula Botanica graduate Olivia Macdonagh Norman, who, as a nature-loving scientist, created a Prebiotic Natural Deodorant Cream developed with sensitive skin in mind. Olivia’s range of natural products are baking soda and coconut oil free and helps to keep you fresh by keeping the body’s natural bacteria levels in balance.

Olivia tells us that Formula Botanica community has been invaluable to her when it comes to launching her brand: “I completed the Certificate in Cosmetic Stability Testing and the Facebook group has been a fantastic help in finding raw ingredients and equipment.” 

Olivia’s hero product is the Prebiotic deodorant cream Energise blend, which was made to kindle a gentle spark of energy whilst working hard to neutralise body odour with a beautiful blend of Lemon Myrtle oil, Palmarosa oil and Eucalyptus Citriodora oil.

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11. Essenza Dell’amore – Trinidad & Tobago

Indie Beauty Graduates - Essenza Dell'amore

Essenza Dell’amore is a K-Beauty inspired, luxury skin care brand, founded by Jhade Mitchell, one of our indie beauty graduates in Trinidad & Tobago. Jhade’s brand is centered around sustainability and innovation and uses high quality, natural, organic and potent ingredients and actives in every formulation. Essenza Dell’amore’s products are carefully formulated for persons of exquisite taste, who want the high-end, spa like experience in the comfort of their own homes.

Jhade says that Formula Botanica gave her the education she always wanted: “Formula Botanica has given me the confidence and opportunity to peruse my dreams as a cosmetic formulator. I began my formulating journey, following DIY tutorials on various websites and youtube, thinking that, that was all I needed to become successful in the industry. Unfortunately, I learnt the hard way, when my lotions would go moldy or separate in a matter of days. The education received from this school was truly a blessing to me. I literally knew nothing of cosmetic formulation nor did I have any knowledge of how the various ingredients would affect skin appearance and health. However, now I feel a sense of prestige knowing that I have my Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and I am able to achieve my entrepreneurial goals.

Jhade’s hero formulation is her Happy Hour Face crème. Using enzyme technology, this moisturizer improves the appearance and health of the skin, while also providing rejuvenating benefits and protection against environmental stress. Formulated with fermented agave and bamboo extracts, among other active ingredients, this weightless, fast absorbing and all natural crème, accelerates healing and leaves skin feeling perfectly hydrated, smooth and luxurious. For dry and dehydrated skin.

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12. Inner Senses – UK

Indie Beauty Graduates - Inner Senses

Formula Botanica student Lisa Basso created her brand Inner Senses as a natural culmination of her experience as therapist, teacher and writer on the topic of Aromatherapy. Lisa sees beauty as an important part of a holistic approach; contributing to overall wellness through the mindful use of beautiful skincare rituals as part of one’s self-care.

Studying with Formula Botanica has enabled Lisa to take her formulation skills to the next level: “Prior to enrolling with Formula Botanica I created solely anhydrous products, but I was really excited by the idea of pushing myself and acquiring new skills that would incorporate my passion for aromatherapy while allowing me to confidently and effectively develop different products to offer my customers options that my current range lacks. It was the best move! It’s such a lovely community of teachers and students alike, it pushes me out of my comfort zone with a great network of support and collective knowledge. Formula Botanica is inspiring me to consider new and more diverse product formulations, with one in the pipeline to launch late this summer which I’m super excited about!”

Lisa’s hero product in her range is the Awakening Meditative Body Oil; a 28 year old blend of precious oils that Lisa created for her Grandma, a meditation teacher. Lisa’s Awakening Meditative Body Oil is a grounding, cleansing and exquisitely uplifting blend which provides the perfect ritual enhancing accompaniment to meditation, reiki and all subtle energy and mindfulness practices.

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13. The Green Sage – India

Indie Beauty Graduates - The Green Sage

The Green Sage was founded in India by Formula Botanica graduate Rakhi Pikle with the aim of providing affordable, high-quality skincare products. Rakhi loves nature and believe that a holistic, plant-based lifestyle is the key to optimal wellness. Every one of the products is inspired by nature, and every ingredient that we include in our products is there for a specific, therapeutic reason.

Rakhi says that Formula Botanica has been pivotal to her journey as an entrepreneur: “Formula Botanica has been a turning point in my Entrepreneurial journey wherein my passion for handmade & natural skincare could be turned into magical reality. Thanks to their solid foundation and simple teaching techniques I was so clear with the concepts of skincare that my products are available on Amazon India and are selling very well. I am still a student and last project I would be submitting this June, and post being the graduate and certified formulator, my dream of conducting skincare workshops would be realised , all thanks to Formula Botanica.”

Rakhi’s hero product in the range is her Shea & Cocoa body butter, which is available on Amazon India.

Buy from The Green Sage nowVisit The Green Sage Website


14. Dushi U – Curaçao

Indie Beauty Graduates - Dushi U Curacao

Formula Botanica student Daphne created DUSHI U CURACAO, a handcrafted Artisan Luxury range that contains only the best natural ingredients to pamper your skin and senses. Daphne’s hero ingredient is Kadushi, a unique natural ingredient local to Curaçao that is used in the range. Kadushi is a pillar cacti that grows on the beautiful island of Curaçao and has properties that are thought to be beneficial for our skin and hair.

On her experience with Formula Botanica, Daphne says “Formula Botanica helped me to focus on what it is to become an Indie Brand. I got all the help and support I needed from the Formula Botanica staff and the student community in the Formula Botanica Classroom. This support and the professional way the course was presented helped me to become a Formula Botanica Graduate and to begin giving Dushi U Curaçao® a boost.”

Daphne’s hero formulation is her Kadushi® Balm, a multi-tasking balm for dry chapped skin with Shea butter, Aloe vera and Kadushi. [Update 19.03.24: Daphne has retired and is no longer actively running Dushi U Curaçao®.]

15. Just Dandy Bath and Body – USA

Indie Beauty Graduates - Just Dandy

Just Dandy was founded by Formula Botanica graduate Sonya Wolf in the USA. Sonya says about her brand: “Growing up on a farm in northern Minnesota my love for science and nature was sparked as a child! I tinkered making simple sugar scrubs, bath salts and body butters as a teen! I went on to become a registered nurse and spent 25 years working in some of the best hospitals across the US!”

On her journey with Formula Botanica Sonya says: “I have been formulating my own natural products for years and deep in my heart knew I always wanted to bring a clean organic line of products to my customers! Formula Botanica is making that dream come true! As I travel through the DOSF course I am becoming armed with the arsenal of knowledge needed to make that happen! My excitement and enthusiasm grow deeper with each course and my knowledge base is strengthening. Formula Botanica is giving me the courage and skills to take my already well loved products to the organic level! I am so blessed and thankful to have discovered Formula Botanica”

Sonya’s hero formulation at Just Dandy is her Frankly Beautiful Face serum which features frankincense, meadowfoam and rosehip.

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16. The Homespun Lab – South Africa

Indie Beauty Graduates - Homespun Lab

Homespun Lab is a beauty brand founded in South Africa by one of our amazing indie beauty graduates, Yasmin Thokan, who seeks to merge the best of nature and science. Homespun Lab creates a high performance range designed for the individual who is holistically minded and appreciates a minimalist approach to skincare.

On studying with Formula Botanica Yasmin says: “Formula Botanica has provided me with a solid background to begin formulating my entire range. The course along with Facebook group has thought me the invaluable lesson of researching ingredients and their properties thoroughly to ensure production of a safe, stable high performance product. My long term goal is to enrol on further courses on offer.”

Yasmin’s hero formulation is her AHA/BHA overnight Resurfacing Tonic, which combines extracts that address concerns such as pigmentation and blemishes.

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17. Sheer Blends – Canada

Indie Beauty Graduates - Sheer Blends

Sheer blend is a Canadian based brand created by Formula Botanica graduate Simona Gruia. In Simona’s own words “We love our planet, people and animals equally. That’s why our products are lovingly handcrafted in small batches with ethically sourced, sustainable, natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. Fully committed to bringing nature back in our lives.”

When she discovered Formula Botanica Simona knew that enrolling would change her life. “When I came across Formula Botanica I intuitively knew that this would take me on a journey that will transform my life. Two courses later, I can call myself a passionate organic cosmetic formulator. I have the bug of formulating and it’s all due to Formula Botanica. Great teachers, excellent study materials! It’s more than just a school, it’s a community of like-minded natural formulators. Thank you, Formula Botanica!”

Simona’s hero formulation in her range is her Precious Oils Face Serum with Prickly Pear & Baobab oils. This truly precious and luxurious facial oil serum is made with nature’s rarest and most effective oils. An exquisite blend of organic, cold pressed, unrefined Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Baobab, Sacha Inchi, Argan and Jojoba oil, fortified with Bisabolol and infused with Rose, German Chamomile and Helichrysum essential oils.

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18. Teal Skincare – Egypt

Indie Beauty Graduates - Teal Skincare

Teal Skincare was founded by our graduate Salma Nashaat in Egypt, who created an Egyptian sea-inspired botanical skincare brand, homegrown in Alexandria. Teal is a blue-green color shade of the sea and Salma proudly tells us that the sea “the purest thing on earth”, just like her formulations: fresh, pure and natural. Salma’s aim is to make people believe in the power of nature and shift to a healthier lifestyle! Everything she formulates is made out of the finest ingredients and Teal Skincare even offers refills.

Salma tells us that Formula Botanica had a huge impact on her life and says “it has turned me from just formulating DIY recipes to making products just like any good brand! You get to learn how to make a brand with international guidelines which has helped me a lot in Teal. Thank you Formula Botanica to this great impact!“.

Salma’s hero formulation is her Sea Me Cleanse: Frankincense Gel Facial Cleanser, for hydrating, firming & refreshing normal to dry skin as well as combined skin with frankincense, calendula, chamomile, peppermint & aloe vera extracts along with grapeseed oil and essential oils of lavender, sage, peppermint and frankincense.

Buy from Teal Skincare nowFollow Teal Skincare on Instagram


19. Nudge Boutique – UK

Indie Beauty Graduates - Nudge Boutique

Nudge Boutique was created by Formula Botanica graduate Jo Klassen with the mission to help people capture and experience a sense of well being when using nature’s beauty ingredients to nourish your hair and skin.

Formula Botanica gave Jo the confidence she needed to start her business: “Becoming a Formula Botanica student improved my confidence as a natural skincare formulation, moving me buying a DIY enthusiast. Given me a strong foundation in formulation skills to build sound, safe and high quality products.”

Jo’s hero product in her skincare range is her Saffron Glow Cleansing Clay Mask. When making her clay mask formulation, Jo utilises upcycled antioxidant rich, locally sourced Norfolk Saffron Petals (grown to organic standards) to create a nourishing face mask, which has been designed to cleanse and refresh dry skin.

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20. ESSENTIALS by Dianne J – Denmark

Indie Beauty Graduates - Essentials by Dianne J

ESSENTIALS by Dianne J is an artisan skincare brand created by Formula Botanica graduate Dianne Jorrdanova with a holistic, organic and spiritual approach to beauty. The innovative, synergetic and effective formulas combine ancient wisdom and natural treasures with modern cosmetic science. Recognising the skin-mind connection, the products are aimed at people, that cope with everyday and long term stress, or deal with other hormonal induced skin imbalances, that cause sensitivity, redness, premature aging, breakouts or hyper pigmentation.

Dianne says: “Formula Botanica has paved the way for me to become an organic skincare formulator and create my beauty brand. Great learning platform, helpful tutors, amazing community and endless possibilities. I really appreciate all the information the FB team shares with us about the constantly changing and expanding green beauty world.”

Dianne’s hero product is the Velvet Cream, an Age Defying Radiance Butter Cream formulated with exclusive Shea Nilotica, Raw Cacao, Amazonian Raw Cupuacu and Indian Kokum butters, Monoï de Tahiti and Pomegranate sterols to seal the moisture in the skin and to repair the barrier.

Buy from ESSENTIALS by Dianne J nowFollow ESSENTIALS by Dianne J


21. Sohma Naturals – Canada

Indie Beauty Graduates - Sohma Naturals

Sohma Naturals was founded by Formula Botanica student Eliza Desmarais who created her brand as part of a mother-daughter team who also happen to be healthcare professionals. They spent over 5 years researching and testing the purest raw materials for their exclusive skincare formulations, using selectively sourced ingredients to produce natural and mostly organic products that are of the highest quality and purest form.

Eliza felt that studying with Formula Botanica helped her business in every way “It took me from a DIYer to a very professional formulator. Not only that, but the courses in fact helped us with writing our (over 100 page) site licence for our lab, that was approved by Health Canada on the first go! Without deficiencies or corrections! The stability, preservation courses and Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation really helped us to understand and write a proper site license. I feel like I would have never known how to run a lab properly to be accepted federally, and I would never have understood how to be as professional and as knowledgeable about formulating as I am today without the school.”

Eliza’s hero product in her range is the BLU-MEL Restorative Cream which is designed with problem skin in mind. This unique formula contains Sohma’s signature ingredient, Ikaria Honey, which intensely moisturizes to reduce the appearance of dry cracked skin of the heels, elbows and other areas of severely dry and damaged skin. It generously coats the outer layer of skin immediately. Upon application, you will feel the intense penetration of the lush butters and exotic oils, followed by a burst of water.

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22. Arhome Spa & Lab – Hong Kong / France

Indie Beauty Graduates - Arhome Spa & Lab

Arhome Spa & Lab was founded by Formula Botanica graduate Sandra Marechal-Dupont who has built an extensive range including handcrafted skincare,  daily lifestyle & home products, beauty essentials and much more. Each and every product is available off the shelf or can be personalised to the individual through consultation. All of Sandra’s products are handcrafted by her between her Hong Kong and France laboratories and are made using the only finest ingredients available.

Sandra credits Formula Botanica with having given her the skills to research and formulate. She tells us “Formula Botanica gave me the knowledge with ingredients, with the formulas, with the creativity and above all the will to continue to learn and research.

Sandra’s hero product is her Ultra Slim Body Milk, a massage milk enriched with coffee, grapefruit and jojoba oils to slim, drain and firm targeted areas. This body milk aims to leave your body firmer and with more curves.

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23. Gomash – Ukraine

Indie Beauty Graduates - Gomash

Our graduate Maria Honchar
 created her skincare line Gomash to help women to improve their skin condition and deal with acne, oily and dry skin with the help of natural ingredients. Maria’s brand is for woman who want to look after their skin and she suggests that women choose their cosmetics the same way they choose their food: healthy and natural. Gomash currently sells 9 facial products and packages its cosmetics in glass, wood and paper.

Maria credits Formula Botanica with giving her the foundation she needed: “Thanks to Formula Botanica I created my skincare brand step by step. I received a great structured education during the school’s foundation formulation course and learned how to create a whole range of skincare products, as well as learning where and how to sell my products.

Maria’s hero product in her range is her Anti-Stress Serum; a facial night oil for combination and oil type skin. With the help of plant oils, extracts, vitamins and essential oils it regulates sebum production. It is composed of 16 valuable ingredients such as jojoba, watermelon, black cumin, hemp seed oils, calendula, rosemary extracts, patchouli, ylang ylang essential oils, vitamin A and E. I received a lot of positive feedback from my clients after they’ve used my Anti-Stress Serum. It’s my favorite product too. I can’t live without it and use it every day.

Buy from Gomash now

(Currently only available for sale through Instagram)


24. The SkIngredient Bar – USA

Indie Beauty Graduates - Skingredient Bar

The SkIngredient Bar was founded by Formula Botanica graduate Jessica Sailer, who is also licensed esthetician and certified herbalist. Jessica formulates with high vibrational and sustainable plant derived ingredients that nourishes the skin and uplifts your senses. Her magical creations invoke the Goddess within to reveal her natural glow and essence. Skin care is more than the products we’re using, but also embraces the tenderness we provide our skin through lifestyle, diet and choosing to love our skin, no matter the present impurities.

Jessica joined Formula Botanica in 2020 and is already loving her studies. She tells us: “In this short time frame I’ve been able to broaden my product ideas and enhance my formulating skills. This program has also shed much needed light on using natural preservatives, calculating formulas with precision, and understanding dermal limits when using essential oils. I LOVE this school!

Jessica’s hero product in her range is her Calm + Repair Facial Oil, which is a sun-infused blend of repairing and anti inflammatory herbs in skin loving & non clogging oils. The plant oils in this product contain cell renewal, antioxidant, and soothing properties designed for irritated, sensitive and problematic skin. This facial elixir was formulated to balance oil production, cleanse the pores by dissolving excess sebum and dirt, and preserve the necessary oils for optimal skin hydration.

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25. Vanaha – India

Indie Beauty Graduates - Vanaha

Last but certainly not least on our list of our indie beauty graduates, Vanaha was founded by Formula Botanica graduate Chandana Arora, who creates pure, organic and passionately hand crafted natural skin care products. What is different and special about Vanaha is that Chandana uses raw materials which are processed in-house (dried, hand pounded, extracted) to maintain purity of the highest level.  For Vanaha, skin care is skin food and that is exactly what Chandana aims to provide.

Studying with Formula Botanica gave Chandana the education she needed: “Formula Botanica is the best course that I could have taken up. Formula Botanica has given me the confidence to formulate correctly as the course is very beautifully structured and things are explained in the simplest of manner. It has given new heights to my passion of formulating natural skin care products and helped me connect with fellow formulators across the globe. The tutors and the entire lovely community is very supportive and inspirational. It’s only because of Formula Botanica that I have been able to take my formulations and passion to another level.

Chandana’s hero product in her range is her Green Leaves Night Repair Face Balm, which is made with natural butters, yellow beeswax and has therapeutic extracts of Guava, Moringa, Hibiscus and Mango leaves. It has proven to have given amazing skin benefits to dry and mature skins.

Buy from Vanaha nowFollow Vanaha on Instagram

Want to read more about our amazing indie beauty graduates? Click to read our graduates page to be inspired by their brands and formulations.

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