6 Ways Formulation Can Change Your Life

6 ways formulation is life-changing

Learn to formulate natural skincare and a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities open up. At Formula Botanica, we showcase hundreds of graduate brands in our online graduate gallery. And with some 14k students from 179 countries either studying still or having completed their courses with us, we see firsthand just how empowering and life changing learning to formulate can be.

We’ve seen students building brands and perfecting their capsule launch range of natural formulations, having made the leap to change career or start an indie beauty business. While others are taking further courses with us to gain an extra edge in this fast-moving and growing sector of the beauty industry.

For the majority of our students, learning to formulate has been life changing and game changing whether they aimed at launching their own indie beauty brand or not. Once you dive into natural formulation, you are likely to think very differently about the beauty and cosmetics industries and products, self care and much more relating to your overall lifestyle and personal care.

6 Ways Formulation Can Change Your Life

Learn to formulate and life will never be the same! Starting your own beauty brand is just one goal among many routes to take. Because becoming a natural formulator is such fun and so empowering in so many ways; just some of which we list here:

1. Formulation empowers you with the skills to create any beauty formulation with your own hands.

How often do we get the opportunity to make something that we feel truly proud of? There is truly nothing more empowering than making your own face cream or shampoo and tailoring it to your own needs.

2. Formulation means you will never look at mainstream cosmetics in the same light.

You will inevitably scrutinise the cosmetic names on the bottles, cartons and jars of your local stores and you will also say “I can formulate that, and as a natural version“. You will be a formulator of natural cosmetics that you can tailor to your needs.

3. Formulation opens up a whole new and exciting world of learning.

You will be keen to find out about new natural ingredients coming onto the market and will feel excited at the thought of being able to use them. You will learn how to understand plants in depth and realise that being a formulator means you’re a life-long learner.

4. Formulation makes you feel grounded, centred and connected with nature.

With wellbeing and mental health at the forefront of the global conversation, being able to connect with nature by using exquisite herbs, roots, seeds, leaves and petals helps us all feel grounded and centred.

5. Formulation makes you part of a community of like-minded, inspiring natural formulators.

Especially on our courses, where you will be part of our helpful, active online community of students and graduates who offer a supportive environment in which to share know-how and ask questions freely. Our community is priceless, as it is filled with amazing, inspiring and kind formulators from across the world.

6. Formulation gives you the opportunity to start your own indie beauty brand.

This is an industry that is actually accessible to all, because everyone can make and sell their own beauty products. By learning how to formulate, you could change your career to become a full-time organic formulator and indie beauty entrepreneur.



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Everyone can formulate

At Formula Botanica, we say ‘everyone can learn to formulate’ and with over 14,000 students completing or going through our courses, we have seen this proved true.

But don’t take our word for it. We asked some of some of our students and graduates from across the world to share their experiences of how life changed once they decided to learn to formulate natural skincare or haircare.

We’ve talked to those who are new beauty entrepreneurs and to others who used their formulation skills to resolve their or family members’ skincare issues as well as those who ditched their day jobs and set their sights on natural formulation as their new career path.

4 students tell us how formulation changed their life

Student Story: Meet Carmen Rivera

Carmen Rivera Carmen lives in Puerto Rico and enrolled on our Skincare Entrepreneur Program and has completed Formula Botanica’s Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and Advanced Diploma in Organic Skincare Science. Before enrolling with Formula Botanica, Carmen had been a professional golf instructor for 23 years. Here’s Carmen’s story…

I have always had sensitive, dry skin as I was outdoors all the time in the Puerto Rican sun, heat and humidity. I used to be one of those recipe followers from Pinterest because store bought products gave me allergic reactions. That’s when I decided to explore more natural skincare alternatives. I stumbled across Formula Botanica on Instagram and that changed my life. I enrolled and finished the two diplomas within 8 months even though it was a bit challenging as I am married and had two teenagers at home at the same time.

“Even from the first lesson, I realised that I could actually make products that would help my skin.”

However, in this short time, my skincare brand Naturaleez was born. Once I graduated, I said to myself that I could definitely launch a brand with all the new knowledge I had. Formula Botanica has definitely been a game-changer for me. Even from the first lesson, I realised that I could actually make products that would help my skin. The first product I made was an under eye gel which I loved. It was very interesting how easy it was to make products that are in stores and realise that it was within my grasp to make similar products myself.

Carmen’s top tip
Just go for it! If being a natural formulator is something you’ve always wanted to do or if you are just curious about formulating, Formula Botanica is the place to start. Learn to formulate and you too could start an amazing, unique new business.

Find Carmen at Naturaleez.com

Student Story: Meet Charu Swaroop

2021-08 Charu Swaroop Formula Botanica graduateCharu lives in Mumbai, India and has completed our Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation. She used to work for a home decor company but decided to take the plunge, quit her job and focus fully on her Formula Botanica course and her formulation journey ahead, which she says “has been the best decision so far!” Here’s Charu’s story…

Being a skincare enthusiast and a blogger, I was always interested in knowing about different skincare ingredients and products. My interest in natural skincare products started around 5 years ago and from being a mere enthusiast, I went to deciding to learn to formulate not only for myself, but for others. Back then, I was moving ahead with just an idea and no prior knowledge of formulation. Luckily, I came across Formula Botanica and a whole new world opened up. I still remember how happy I was when I created my first warm-blended shea and almond cream.

“Formulation has brought me closer to nature.”

What I love about natural formulation is that it has brought me closer to nature. My sense of gratitude towards nature and its gifts has increased phenomenally. I would say it has been life changing not only spiritually but also in terms of the skills I’ve gained. I plan to start my own beauty brand in the future, where I want to create skincare products that take a holistic approach.

Charu’s top tip
I say, just go for it. If you love skincare and have been wanting to dive deep into the world of natural formulation, then go ahead without thinking twice. The experience of creating a product from scratch and something that could be beneficial to so many people’s skin is in itself heart warming.

Find Charu on Instagram page The Brewed Sunshine.



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Student Story: Meet Chèle Jones

2021-08 Chele Jones Formula BotanicaChèle lives in the West of Ireland and is one of our most prolific course takers. Having completed 6 courses and/or certificates with us, she is currently working through the Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science, Diploma in Haircare Formulation and Certificate in Facial Masque Therapy.

Chèle is a familiar face in the Formula Botanica Facebook groups where she is one of the school’s student mentors helping with their queries about formulation and beauty business management. Chèle runs her own brand Acushla Apothecary. Here’s Chèle’s story…

Deciding to learn to formulate was definitely a light-bulb moment for me. I’d worked in both the private and public sectors and run my own business. However, after years of fast-paced hard work, I decided to slow down and do something for me by studying something new. I’d always loved herbs, herbalism and skincare. I found Formula Botanica and the rest is history!

There is something magical about natural formulation. No matter how many times you formulate even the same product over and over it feels special. It’s a great stress reliever and my happy place.

“From the very first cold-blend cream and facial oil I made, it truly felt like I’d ‘come home’ and found my calling.”

Before coming across Formula Botanica, I had never formulated before – apart from as a child in the garden making disastrous petal perfume and mud pie face packs! But from the very first cold-blend cream and facial oil I made, it truly felt like I’d ‘come home’ and found my calling. This was where I belonged and it was a powerful feeling.

Studying with Formula Botanica was one of the best decisions of my life, and it has totally changed it. I love the constant learning and research, and being part of a worldwide community of organic and natural skincare formulators is inspiring and empowering. The support from the Formula Botanica and its online community is just amazing.

I have two brands I am working on and I am quite happy to take my time and launch when I am ready. I want to do things differently and I’d love to change peoples lives in a positive and empowering way exactly how Formula Botanica has done for me.

Chèle’s top tip
Just Do It! It will be the most rewarding and empowering journey. Secondly Always be Curious.

Find Chèle at Acushla Apothecary.

Student Story: Meet Nancy Pierre

Nancy Pierre Nancy lives in Montreal (Quebec), Canada and is a graduate of our Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and is currently studying the Certificate in Natural Cosmetic Preservation. Her path into natural formulation came as part of a long journey which started with an accident leaving her with second and third degree burns. Nancy says she is grateful to her family for having introduced her to natural alternatives as she recovered from her burns. Fast forward to now, and natural skincare formulation has become the foundation of Nancy’s career embracing holistic practices and therapies. Here’s Nancy’s story…

I became a certified massage therapist 24 years ago and through this training, I understand fully just how unique we all are and about our specific individual needs. In the past, I have had jobs mainly as a customer service agent in sectors such as travel, personal finances and life insurance.

“I believe that by creating natural body care products, I will truly fulfil my life purpose.”

I was a teenage single mother when I started crafting my own plant-based products for myself, my close friends and family within my massage therapy services. My years helping others deal with their aches and pains caused by an injury or day-to-day stress led me to realise I wanted to do more formulating. I believe that by creating natural body care products specific to individuals’ lifestyles and teaching them how to build their own holistic beauty care I will truly fulfil my life purpose. I just love researching new natural ingredients and using them as a way to provide relief to someone suffering all the while making it easy-to-use products.

Being a third-degree burns’ victim, and as a problem solver at heart, I am a living example of how powerful organic ingredients can be. One of my favourite stories about natural formulation is about the ‘refill’ requests I get for a muscle-relaxing bath oil I made for my daughter’s cheerleader teammates! My ‘pay’ for those travel-sized bottles I made as a batch for the team was when they won the gold medal in 2013 Canadian National making them #1 in Canada!

I must admit, I was not aware of what I was getting into when I first started out learning to formulate. But the organic world offers vast possibilities. At the moment, it’s a whole new world that I am being introduced to as a way for me to make my full-time revenue. I’m just excited to be part of it and learning from it.

Nancy’s top tip
My #1 advice is it’s never too late to learn to formulate. And no, the natural care industry is not saturated! Just believe in yourself and trust that you will be helping someone somewhere with your ideas and natural formulations.

Find Nancy on her brand’s website Nancy au Naturel and on Instagram.

Learn to formulate now

Would you like to follow in the footsteps of Formula Botanica graduates Carmen, Charu, Chèle and Nancy? Then, just do it! This is the one tip all our graduates shared. Whether you wish to start natural formulation as a hobby or turn it into a business, Formula Botanica courses are there at every stage empowering you to reach your goals. Sign up below to hear about our next course enrolment and try our Free Formulation Training.


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