How to Make an Aloe Vera Repairing Mist

2019-01 Aloe Vera Mist formulation

In our recent formulators’ guide to aloe vera in natural skincare we discussed aloe vera’s various ingredient forms and its vast benefits, and how its unique composition can be useful in products intended to soothe the skin and aid its repair.

In this blog post, we follow up on the research into aloe vera by sharing with you a simple and effective facial mist formula that we’d love you to try formulating at home. It exploits aloe vera’s amazing skin-repairing properties and can be used to rescue and refresh your skin. While you may think of these benefits as particularly useful in summer for after-sun use, this aloe vera repairing mist is great to have to hand to help soothe your skin at any time of year. Aloe vera is one ingredient that’s for life, not just for summer!

Facial mists are very popular at the moment. Used to calm irritated skin or to brighten dull complexions, they are easy to make and very practical to apply.

A facial mist is a water-based formulation that can combine many different botanical extracts. Hydrosols are a popular choice for these formulations and are often combined with other water-soluble active ingredients like glycerites, tinctures or powders.

Just keep in mind that facial mists should always be light, give a refreshing feeling and moisturise the skin.

Aloe vera is an amazing succulent with so many beneficial properties as a natural skincare ingredient. Try our aloe vera repairing mist formulation to help tone, soothe and refresh your skin. #aloevera #naturalskincare… Click To Tweet

Introducing Our Formula

For our formula, we combine ingredients that hydrate and regenerate your skin. Our product benefits from the aloe vera’s polysaccharide properties and its unique structure, that forms a protective layer on the skin which guards the skin from the outside and helps it repair and restore itself. For more on this succulent’s amazing properties, do hop over to read our formulator’s guide to aloe vera.

How to formulate an aloe vera repairing mist

We wanted to make our formula very effective, and brought in other very skin-friendly moisturisers and humectant ingredients to act in synergy to help repair and protect the skin:

  • Sodium PCA: This is an intrinsic component of our skin – part of our natural moisturising factor responsible for the skin’s hydration, barrier homeostasis, desquamation and plasticity.
  • Panthenol: This is an effective humectant that has an important function in the physiology of the skin, and acts as a skin emollient and regenerating ingredient. Studies show that its use helps to accelerate epidermal regeneration and decrease the transepidermal water loss.
  • Allantoin: Like aloe vera, allantoin has great skin-repairing properties. It protects the skin and improves cell regeneration, while it is calming and soothing for inflamed skin.

Formula: Aloe Vera Repairing Mist

Phase A
2% Sodium PCA
0.5% D-Panthenol
2% Aloe vera glycerite
91.9% Roman Chamomile hydrosol

Phase B
0.1% Allantoin
0.5% Organic aloe vera powder 200:1

Phase C
3% Dermosoft 1388 eco (INCI: Glycerin, Aqua, Sodium levulinate, Sodium anisate)

Method of Manufacture

  1. In a disinfected glass beaker weigh and blend phase A ingredients at room temperature stirring until they homogenise.
  2. Weigh phase B ingredients in a disinfected beaker.
  3. Disperse phase B in phase A, using a glass rod, a magnetic stirrer or a homogeniser, until it is completely blended.
  4. Measure the pH and adjust it to 5.0 – 5.5 if necessary. You can use citric acid or lactic acid to lower the pH if necessary, and Sodium hydroxide or Sodium bicarbonate to increase it.
  5. Add Phase C.
  6. Measure the pH again and adjust it to 5.0 – 5.5 if necessary.
  7. Now you can pour your product into a bottle with a spray mist nozzle.

Be aware that humectant ingredients like glycerine and panthenol play a big role in how the product feels on the skin. The higher their concentration, the more likely the product will feel sticky.

Aloe vera glycerite combines glycerine’s humectant properties with the hydrosoluble components of aloe vera. If you prefer, you can substitute this ingredient with glycerine, since we already have aloe vera powder in our formula.

Now it is your turn to try out this aloe vera repairing mist formula and discover the versatility of this amazingly useful natural skincare ingredient. You can learn how to create mists and toners and other water-based skincare products in our Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and explore the ever-expanding world of high-performance active botanicals.

We’d love to hear how you get on formulating with aloe vera, so do leave us a comment below.

Supplier information

Try these suggested suppliers for some of the key ingredients in our formula:

Allantoin: EU supplier / US supplier.
D-Panthenol: EU supplier / US supplier.
Sodium PCA: EU supplier / US supplier.


What does aloe vera for to your face?

Aloe vera gel has a long history and tradition of use as a soothing ingredient to aid inflamed, irritated skin. It is immensely useful in facial skincare for its moisturising, protective, skin regeneration and anti inflammatory properties. It is moisturising thanks to its water-loving polysaccharides which give it its gel-like appearance. Aloe vera’s structure forms a protective film for the skin, which helps impart the gel’s so-called healing properties and it adds protection to the epidermis enabling the skin’s ability to restore itself. Aloe vera gel also comprises vitamins, amino acids, minerals and enzymes, which provide its skin-soothing effect.

When should I use aloe vera mist?

An aloe vera mist is a useful staple cosmetic to have to hand any time of year and any time of day to refresh and calm the skin. It is often used in summer months to give welcome moisture to the face and soothe skin that has been exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Aloe vera mist is certainly a product to take to the beach and on summer holidays but is equally useful in winter months when heating and harsh climates dry out skin.

Where can I learn to formulate natural skincare and haircare?

Join us at Formula Botanica, where tens of thousands of students and followers take our free and paid online courses to learn how to formulate organic skincare and haircare for themselves or to sell and also how to set up a beauty brand and business.

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