Episode 41: Why Choose Natural Skincare as a Career?

2019-08 natural skincare careers

When an emergency physician decides on a radical shift in life to choose natural skincare as a career over medicine, you begin to realise just how powerful a sector green beauty is becoming. Dr Sarah Villafranco, founder of Osmia Organics and our guest in this episode, says that while her career change certainly raised some eyebrows back in 2012, it proved a logical move that had parallels with her role as a doctor.

As as an emergency physician, I felt I was a fire fighter and I wasn’t sure I was helping people prevent disease. I wanted to intervene sooner in people’s health and their daily choices and focus on the important pillars of good health that Western medicine had largely forgotten, such as diet, stress management, joy and fitness. The more medical research I did on effect of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, the more I realised what a big piece of medicine was involved in skincare.

Sarah Villafranco launched Osmia Organics as a way to help people not only choose natural skincare, but also as a space to learn about a more holistic approach to health and self care. Osmia’s blog and social media offers insights and advice on developing a health-focused, positive-living mindset to generate the conversation on what Sarah says traditional medicine sees as ‘alternative’ routes to health.

Transitioning from a high-stress, emergency physician’s role where split-second decisions can be life determining, to running a natural skincare business designed to impact our longer-term health and well-being was quite a leap to make. Sarah Villafranco says it can be scary to follow your dreams but adds that building a natural skincare business isn’t about dreaming, but hard realities. “You can’t leave a career that makes money for one that won’t. You need to plan your dreams as it takes time to build a business.”

Dr Sarah Villafranco has a unique vantage point from which to assess the current shape of the green beauty movement. Her medical background and ability to interpret and filter the science enables her to cut through the scepticism and also the green washing that can accompany natural beauty. In this wide-ranging interview, Dr Sarah Villafranco gives invaluable advice to budding natural skincare entrepreneurs, from whatever walk of life.

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In this episode on choosing natural skincare as a career, you’ll hear about:

  • Why the natural, organic skincare sector is a rigorous, demanding yet rewarding a career choice for someone from any background;
  • Why the green beauty sector needs more people involved in the industry who are prepared to train, hone their professional skills as formulators and dig deep into the science of skincare to tackle green washing and strengthen the industry as a whole;
  • How becoming a skincare entrepreneur and running a business and a team is not something to be scared of but a role you grow into and make part of your lifelong learning;
  • Why honesty and transparency in your business dealings with everyone from suppliers to customers and staff is paramount to your success; and
  • How being courteous to other business leaders and brands in the naturals’ sector and sharing the green space amicably will help your brand and others grow mutually: “A rising tide lifts all boats’ should be your motto.

Key take-outs include:

  • As a product formulator, you will need the patience and resilience to persevere and to take formulation failures in your stride. See any failure as learning your trade.
  • Think consciously about the environment in all aspects of your business. Realise that there is no such thing as ‘eco friendly’ but rather prefer to use the term eco conscious.
  • Don’t green wash – be prepared to answer consumers, trade and media queries about your products or business honestly and research before you reply. If you don’t know something, admit it and say you will find out.
  • Try to enjoy life’s sensory moments and the ride that being an entrepreneur brings with it.

Find out more about Dr Sarah Villafranco and her brand Osmia Organics:

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