Everything you wanted to know about Natural Preservatives

Natural Preservatives

Naturally derived and natural preservatives are some of the least interesting but most important ingredients in your organic skincare and haircare formulations. If only one small thing goes wrong, you can jeopardise your customer’s health, your product and your business. We’ve also been writing about natural preservatives for years, so this article summarises (and will continue to summarise) everything you’ve ever wanted to know about naturally derived and natural preservatives.

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Why you should use natural preservatives

One of the most controversial ingredients used in organic skincare and haircare formulations is the humble preservative. Should it really be there? Is it important? What happens if you don’t use it?

Many skincare formulators are dubious and don’t to endanger their customers by using ingredients they view as risky. However, preservatives are necessity in your water-based cosmetics because they protect your customer, your product and your business from disaster.

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How to choose the right natural preservative

One of the main questions we are constantly asked at Formula Botanica is: “which natural preservative should I use for my skincare formulation?“. There is no simple or standard answer to this question. In fact, it can easily become overwhelming to choose a natural preservative or preservative blend when you look at all the products available on the market and all the claims and promises made by suppliers and retailers.

We want to help you choose the right natural preservative for your skin, so we’ve categorised 16 points that you should keep in mind when choosing the right preservative for your natural skincare and haircare formulations. 

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What happens when it goes wrong

When something goes wrong with your natural preservatives, it could have disastrous consequences. You might have to re-call your entire batch, you might have to refund your customers, you might have to issue a public apology, you might suffer bad reviews, angry customers or even lawsuits. You don’t want to take any risks with your preservative system.

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Formulation Tips for Natural Preservatives

When you are designing a new organic skincare or haircare product, you must always consider which preservative to choose and how any of your natural preservatives might interact with the rest of the formulation. You must also determine whether any of your existing ingredients are already preserved.

How is this formulation preserved?

What can go wrong if you don’t control your formulation’s pH?

Are you buying contaminated hydrosols?

Want to learn how to make safely and naturally preserved cosmetics? Enrol for Formula Botanica’s Certificate in Natural Cosmetic Preservation.


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