Episode 6: Essential Oil Safety with Robert Tisserand

Robert Tisserand | Formula Botanica Podcast

Robert Tisserand has just joined our Facebook group’, Lorraine messaged me excitedly. ‘The Robert Tisserand?’ I replied. ‘YES, THE Robert Tisserand’. This was an exciting moment for us at Formula Botanica. As organic cosmetic formulators, Robert Tisserand’s seminal work on essential oil safety had been a staple resource for Formula Botanica for years and his research into essential oils are highly regarded and respected within our wider community.

Last year Lorraine and I were able to arrange a meeting with Robert in London and we kept a steady dialogue flowing since then.  When he agreed to be a guest on the podcast we were thrilled and we were determined to make the most out of this opportunity and share it with as many of you as possible.

Robert Tisserand is an expert in aromatherapy and essential oil research.

Listen to our latest podcast with Robert Tisserand to learn all about essential oil safety:

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In this podcast you will learn:

  1. Why essential oil safety is an issue and why he decided to write his book ‘Essential Oil Safety’ back in 1995.
  2. Some of the issues with the EU guidelines and what the current research on essential oils shows in terms of allergens in citrus oils and why his safety guidance differs.
  3. Some examples of why safety guidelines are necessary and why essential oil safety is still such an important topic and worthy of our attention.
  4. The benefits of using essential oils in cosmetic formulation.

Key takeaways:

  1. Get Robert’s opinion on the recent lavender and tea tree oil controversy where recent research suggested that both oils were hormone disruptors.
  2. Why you should research essential oils carefully when using them in skincare or haircare formulations and why some research can be considered scare-mongering.
  3. Why legislation continues to be a challenge, why it is likely that it will increase in the coming years and how this relates to safety.
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To help people make informed decisions about essential oil usage, The Tisserand Institute has launched a six-part, certified Essential Oil Safety Masterclass with Robert Tisserand. Follow the link to register. Registration is only open until the 12th of April so make sure you act quickly to take advantage of this great course.

You can find out more about Robert and The Tisserand Institute by following the links below:

We hope you enjoyed hearing Robert talk about essential oil safety and what it means to him. As usual if you have any feedback or suggestions for us please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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