Episode 16: Beginner’s Guide to Branding a Beauty Business

2018-09 Branding a beauty business

As we watch indie beauty brands crushing it on Instagram with amazing eye candy images and gathering tribes into the tens of thousands, we may think that kind of brand visibility is an impossible dream for our own beauty businesses.

While it does, of course, take hard graft to get that kind of brand awareness, you can go far if you know from the start how to define, style and build your brand on strong foundations. Our guest in this episode of Green Beauty Conversations offers some invaluable advice and practical to-do’s on branding a beauty business for success.

Joining us is professional photographer and branding guru Briena Sash, founder of Wellness Stock Shop, which is an extensive resource of stock photos tailored to the needs of the natural beauty and wellness industry.

Briena has joined us for a branding webinar in the past at Formula Botanica, but here, for the first time, she shares three key branding exercises to work through before you rush out to hire a graphic designer or talk logos!

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Listen in and then download the workbook Briena has kindly shared with us and put your new insights to work. Even if your brand is up and running, there is plenty here to help you hone your beauty branding strategies for greater success.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How both visual and emotional elements combine to form the essential building blocks for branding a beauty business.
  • Why you need to invest up front, as early as you can, in defining and styling your brand.
  • But why you need also to dig deep and map your brand voice yourself before hiring a graphic or brand designer.
  • About how branding is never static, and why you need to revise, refresh and rethink your branding periodically.

Briena shares three practical exercises in the Branding Workbook accompanying this episode.  We recommend you take your time working through it.

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Key take-aways from this podcast include:

  • Successful beauty brands are those that connect with their customers and audiences on an emotional level.
  • Visual branding – from the fonts you use to your Instagram images and packaging – derive from and support your brand voice. They are powerful, but they aren’t the first things to start with in a branding exercise.
  • Branding a beauty business is more about developing a lifestyle people enjoy or aspire to!
  • Think of your brand as a personality: what kind of person is it, and what kind of people would be attracted to chatting with it?
  • Above all, think of your customers and potential customers. What are their needs and how do your products solve their issues, light their fire and inspire them?

Find the Wellness Stock Shop:

Wellness Stock Shop website
Wellness Stock Shop on Instagram
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Wellness Stock Shop on Pinterest

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