Fit for a King – the story of Myrrh

Imagine having access today to one of the most precious oils in history. A rejuvenating oil that’s been used for beautification treatments dating back to biblical times. It was written in the book of Esther that “before a girl’s turn came to go in to King Xerxes, she had to complete twelve months of beauty treatments prescribed for the women, six months with oil of myrrh and six with perfumes and cosmetics.”(Esther 2:10) It was an oil favored by King Solomon’s wives and was also used by Queen Cleopatra, a woman still known today for her unending beauty. This timeless, fragrant beauty oil of myrrh needs to still be sought out today for its powerful properties in skin healing and overall health.

What makes this rich, smoky, balsamic-smelling oil so valuable to the beauty traditions of the past?  Many were aware of the anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and expectorant properties of this oil which made it irreplaceable as a medicine. With its therapeutic properties improving everything from mucous coughs to cancer prevention, its aroma was also solely used for uplifting, purifying, and meditating. Alas, it’s transformation of the skin could not be hidden.

Your skin replaces itself every 28 days and what is revealed is a manifestation of the care it receives through excellent nutrition and external sources. Myrrh was found to be a healer of dry, wrinkled, and inflamed skin, including distressed skin conditions such as eczema and boils. It was notoriously known to smooth over skin and balance uneven skin tone by fading spots and scars. Collagen and elasticity are the components of youth, and pure essential oils of nature, including myrrh, assist in maintaining and increasing them in order to keep them at their suppleness.

Some of the most powerful elements are the ones that come from the most natural, God-given simple sources. There is such beauty in simplicity, and such beauty to be found in oils such as these.

With the holiday season just around the corner, we reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. We remember the story of some of the wisest men of their time seeking to worship the newborn King, Jesus. They recognized His worth and came humbly to worship Him bringing their BEST to honor Him. Their best included this rare, unique oil of myrrh.  They knew the beauty and necessity of this oil and although these were not typical gifts for a baby, they were gifts fit for the King.

Guest post by Kendra Kadrlik

Bio: Kendra, CNT, is a holistic nutritionist who strongly believes in the power of food  to help heal and balance the body. She instructs on how today’s “healthy” foods can be sabotaging peoples’ health goals, and leads them to success through her 8 week Masterpiece Mastery Health program. With many different topics to cover for TRUE health, from food to hormones to beauty products, she addresses every angle to help you live the best organic, whole life!

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