Skincare Formulation Mistakes: Incorrect Ingredient Usage

In our latest YouTube series, we cover the biggest skincare formulation mistakes made by artisan cosmetic formulators. In this third video, our Director Lorraine Dallmeier talks about incorrect ingredient usage when making organic cosmetics.

A lot of people who start out wanting to be artisan organic skincare formulators are self-taught. They will teach themselves how to make skincare by following blogs, watching YouTube videos, asking questions in Facebook groups and following DIYers. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there on the internet, which means that it’s hard to find exactly how to use cosmetic ingredients safely and correctly.

For that reason we recommend that you learn how to work with cosmetic ingredients the professional way by getting a proper education. Watch Lorraine’s latest video to learn more.

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How to become an
Organic Skincare Formulator

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