Teach Skincare Classes

  • Suitable for: Formula Botanica Graduates
  • Pre-requisites: Checklist

  • Time: 60 study hours

  • Course Modules: 4

  • Coursework: Self-study + tutor graded

  • Duration: One year deadline

  • Cost: £650 (British Pounds)
  • Next enrolment period: 22-29 Jan 2019

Closed for enrolment until January 2019


Formula Botanica Botanical Table of Elements

Would you like to earn an amazing income doing something you love? Become one of our approved tutors and you get to run our profitable workshops anywhere in the world. We have over 500 licenced tutors or tutors-in-training taking on the world with our face-to-face organic workshops.

This course is suitable for people with experience of organic skincare formulation. Many skincare formulators choose to teach live workshops to supplement their income and establish themselves as an expert in their community when they’re first setting up their business.

Teach International Natural Skincare Workshops

Join our International Team of Expert Tutors

As we are the best-known Organic Cosmetic Science School in the world, we receive many requests to teach private or group workshops. However, we can’t be everywhere to teach them so this is where you can become part of our teaching team!

If you’ve already done one of our courses, you are already qualified and equipped to teach our classes.

We give you everything you need to be a success teaching the art and science of skincare formulation to others.

This isn’t just a course, we literally hand over all of our ‘secret files’ so you can be up and running instantly, you’ll get our:

  • Tutor Training course (a 4 module in-depth online course)
  • Teaching manuals for each Formula Botanica class/workshop
  • Unlimited access to our private support group
  • Teaching resources and handouts for your students
  • Your own tutor page on our website
  • Opportunities for  free promo and monthly ‘showcasing’ on our websites,blog and newsletter.
  • Certificates for your students
  • Our branding and reputation (priceless!)
  • Approved Formula Botanica tutor pack with website badge and tutor certificate
Teach Natural Skincare Workshops

Wanted: Global Organic Skincare Enthusiasts!

We would love to have tutors representing our globally-recognised training school from every country in the world! Do you think you have the skills to join us?

We need you to be:

  • 100% passionate about natural and organic skincare
  • Love people and love to teach
  • Have a strong desire to help others
  • Organised and want to run a small business
  • Willing to follow our rules and ethos
  • Have had previous training in skincare formulation (preferably one of our courses)*
  • Have a flair for making skincare fun yet scientific.
  • A background in herbal medicine, aromatherapy or the beauty industry is definitely an advantage!

*if you have no formal experience we would require you to take our Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation as a minimum. In exceptional cases we will be willing to accept other training. Please contact us to discuss.

Teach Natural Skincare Workshops

Run a Successful Business using our Name and Brand

This “Business in a Box” training program sets you up to run your own successful business using our worldwide reputation. We train you to become a Licenced Formula Botanica Tutor and you receive ongoing updates and support from us. Once you have completed your training course, we send you a Tutor Licence Agreement to sign and then send you your workshop materials. You will be asked to renew your Licenced Agreement every year for a small annual fee in order to keep using our brand and materials.

The support doesn’t just end after you’ve received your Tutor materials though, we provide ongoing assistance!

  • Regular updates to workshop materials
  • Unlimited access to our peer support networking groups
  • Support in producing your tutor materials in other languages
  • Ongoing promotion through our Licenced Tutor webpage
  • Regular social media promotion
  • Feature on our special Licenced Tutor Worldwide Map
  • Your first year of licencing is provided FREE with your course fees
Teach Natural Skincare Workshops

“This year I taught Russian-language workshops in Moscow and Minsk. Our interesting Formula Botanica courses such as the Anti-aging, the Chocolate Spa and the Facial masques are very popular. The best response I got from my students was: ‘It’s such a pleasure to be pampered with an aroma therapeutic chocolate mask and know that after a session I will look not only beautiful, but also healthy!'”

– Natalie, UK


Formula Botanica Botanical Table of Elements

Module 1 – The Science of Teaching & Learning

Most people consider learning and teaching to be the same thing, but they are not. Think of a time when someone tried to teach you something and you learned nothing. The person teaching may have inferred their knowledge upon you but it doesn’t mean that you actually learned it.

This Module is to help you understand the science of teaching. You’ll study teaching and learning styles and complete activities to help you understand the needs of your learners.

Teach Natural Skincare Workshops



Unit Title

The Science of Teaching & Learning

Unit Content

Understanding teaching and learning styles so that you can set up a system to rely on when you teach.

Learn to incorporate Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs into your skincare workshop planning so that you ensure that the needs of your students are met and they can learn effectively.

Learn to implement Kolb’s Learning Cycle into your teaching methods in order to make your natural and organic skincare workshops educational as well as fun.

Make use of the full spectrum outline in Bloom’s taxonomy to help you as a teacher engage your students to the max, enabling a deep-learning experience.

Module 2 – Technical Aspects of Teaching Skincare Formulation

Instead of trying to write or deliver one long workshop, think of your organic and natural skincare workshop as a series of mini-lessons each with its own introduction, project activity and conclusion/summation. You can then gear each of these mini-lessons to ensure that your student achieves their learning outcomes.

This module is to help you get to grips with the practical and technical aspects of teaching skincare workshops. You will learn techniques for making your workshops engaging and fun!

Teach Natural Skincare Workshops



Unit Title

Planning and Facilitating

Unit Content

Learn how to break down a workshop into lots of mini-lessons to ensure your student easily learns how to create organic skincare.

Think through multimedia, seating arrangements and tutor-student interaction in order to make your workshops engaging and easy to follow.

Learn ‘group-splitting’ tactics to break down the workshop group into smaller units for mini-projects and activities.

Module 3 – Selling and Marketing your Workshops

Now you know how to set up and teach your workshops, so the next step is to get people to attend. There are lots of marketing tips and tricks which you can use to make sure that your workshops are a sell-out each time!

This module is to help you to market and sell your workshops, using a variety of methods and techniques. You’ll also learn how to cost your workshop properly so that you can set your price and teaching fees.

Teach Natural Skincare Courses



Unit Title

Selling and Marketing your Workshops

Unit Content

Run through the requirements you need to set when choosing an appropriate venue for teaching your workshops.

Learn how to calculate your ‘break-even’ workshop cost and price your workshops so that you make a profit.

Study how to create a 3-month marketing plan to help you make those all-important sales in the run-up to launching your workshop.

Learn how to market and sell your natural and organic skincare workshops using Eventbrite and Facebook.

Module 4 – Legalities

Now it’s time to ensure that you conduct your workshops in a professional manner in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. It’s really important to show ‘due diligence’ when you’re in charge of the welfare of others. Although making skincare isn’t the world’s most dangerous activity it does come with risks and hazards.

This module is perhaps the most important one of all. There’s no point in becoming an amazing skincare tutor, with well-attended classes and a brilliant marketing plan if one day it all comes crashing down because you failed to comply with certain rules and regulations. In this module you will learn how to be a teacher that works safely.

Teach Natural Skincare Courses



Unit Title


Unit Content

Implementing Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) during your workshops so that your students as well as their skincare formulations are protected properly.

Understanding how to conduct a proper risk assessment on your natural and organic skincare workshops.

Understand the different types of insurance cover you might require when teaching natural and organic skincare workshops for your business.

“Just received my tutor training material! Wow. I am so impressed like everything is been made so easy. Thanks, cant wait to start planning my first class!!!”

– Nkechi, Nigeria

Which Workshops Can I Teach?

Once you complete your Tutor Training program, you will be offered a Formula Botanica Licence Agreement to sign. This is a simple legal document that contains many common-sense clauses (such as – make sure you conduct yourself professionally, please source high quality organic ingredients wherever possible, etc.). After signing you are then given access to the Tutor Training Materials section of our Student Resources Library where you will be able to download all of your teaching materials and workshop manuals.

We currently licence you to teach the following workshops:

Organic Anti-Ageing Skincare

Facial Masque Therapy

Chocolate Spa Products


When you study with Formula Botanica, you become part of a close-knit international community of students and graduates all around the world. We support you all throughout your studies and beyond, and we give you access to our expert botanical skincare science and business files while you are enrolled on your courses.

Bonus 1 – Network with your Peers

Once you enrol with us, you are welcomed into our international student community groups which contain many hundreds of our students and graduates from all over the world. Everyone knows each other and many of our students meet up in their respective countries to share information and formulate together.

In our groups you will receive expert tutor support and peer support. Ask questions, share photos, troubleshoot formulations. Celebrate your victories and get encouragement when you need it. You are never alone.

Bonus 2 – Access our Student Library

When you become a student with Formula Botanica, you also gain exclusive access to our Student Resources Library for the duration of your course. Access our:

  • Preferred supplier guide which contains hundreds of global companies
  • Extensive ingredients directory with listings of over 100 natural ingredients
  • Formulation percentage-to-weight calculator
  • Collection of many hours of expert webinars
  • Scientific research collection
  • Recommended reading list
Formula Botanica Student Library

Bonus 3 – Ongoing Support After Graduation

The support doesn’t finish when you graduate. We want to keep in touch with you once you’ve finished your course and support your career in organic skincare. We offer lots of free promotion for our graduates because we want to help give your business the support it needs when you launch it or as you grow it.

Be featured widely on our website, on social media and on our mailing list. Formula Botanica has many thousands of followers and subscribers all around the world so this will help you create a splash when you launch.

Bonus 4 – Earn Formula Botanica Open Badges

Formula Botanica issues Open Badges to students who pass their courses successfully. These badges can be used on your resume, social media pages and LinkedIn profile to demonstrate that you are a skilled organic cosmetic formulator.

Formula Botanica Badges

Enrol for our Tutor Training Program to share your extensive knowledge of organic and natural skincare formulation with others while running our profitable live workshops.


Our Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation. Other pre-requisites may be accepted.

Online Classroom

Peer support & tutor support via a private Facebook group.

Start Date

Now. Self-paced training where you have up to 1 year to complete your course.


Formula Botanica is accredited by the Open & Distance Learning Quality Council.


Projects, activities and reflexive learning. Each module ends with an assignment.

Expert Support

Our Tutor Team has an educational background in cosmetic chemistry, biology, education and business management. Let us support you.


Formula Botanica Botanical Table of Elements

Formula Botanica operates a term time system, so we can get all of our students started at the same time and run online study groups.

Term times run in the following months:

  • Winter Term: January
  • Summer Term: July

Enrolment for all of our courses will be open during this period. If you want to be the first to hear when we open enrolment, make sure you pre-register for this course.

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