Meet the 2016 Formula Botanica Competition Finalists

Meet the Formula Botanica Competition Finalists

Formula Botanica is currently running a huge global scholarship competition. The first stage of the competition was incredibly popular. We received 365 applicants from 59 countries, who amassed a combined 100,000+ votes for their public pitches.

The ten contestants who received the most votes in this competition were then invited to prepare a public YouTube video pitch. These video pitches will now be presented to our panel of judges, with representatives from Formula Botanica, The Beauty Voice, Melinda Coss, the Organic Herb Trading Company, the Peridot Mag and the Soil Association.

Our judging panel consists of members of the 6 organisations taking part in the competition. We represent the organic beauty sector through our involvement in education, certification, mentoring, consultancy, supply of ingredients and media.

We are now proud to present the 10 finalists’ videos for our 2016 Formula Botanica competition. Please ‘like’ their videos on YouTube and help them get lots of visibility. We will be judging the entries from the 10 finalists based on the following criteria:

1. Business potential – does their skincare business idea have the potential to succeed and is there a market for their particular niche?

2. Their drive as an entrepreneur – do they have what it takes to turn their business idea into a real business? We are looking for driven, passionate entrepreneurs who can take their dream and turn it into a reality.

3. Their ability to confidently deliver their pitch – we want to see a professional, confident pitch in which they set out their dream for their skincare business.

In alphabetical order, we are now very pleased to introduce you to our Top 10 Formula Botanica competition finalists:

Akele Precious, Nigeria

Andrea Mestre del Pino, UK

Anne Okello, Kenya

Anne Remigio, Philippines

Carolina Tarif Ferreira, Brazil

Eriona Xhaferaj, Albania

Hadija Inoussa, Sweden

Marina G. Roussou, Cyprus

Stella Bangura, Nigeria

Trang Nguyen, Vietnam


Formula Botanica will formally announce the winners of the three prizes available in the competition on the 14th of October 2016. We will announce the winners by email, here on the blog and on our Facebook page. Good luck to everyone who entered and thank you for making our 2016 competition such an enormous success!


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Meet the 2016 Formula Botanica Competition Finalists

Meet the 2016 Formula Botanica Competition Finalists

Lorraine Dallmeier is a Biologist, Chartered Environmentalist and the CEO of Formula Botanica, the award-winning online organic cosmetic science school. Read more about Lorraine and the Formula Botanica Team.


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