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Meet our graduate Apinke Efiong
of Ekó Botanicals.

Meet Our Graduate

We’d like to introduce you to our graduate Apinke Efiong, Founder of Ekó Botanicals, a wonderful clean, multitasking, sustainable skincare range for maturing skin.

Apinke has created a truly beautiful brand that honours both her Nigerian heritage, as well as her great-grandfather, who worked as a botanist at the world famous Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew.

After turning her back on her former life as a busy city executive, Apinke learned how to formulate by taking Formula Botanica’s Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation. Apinke credits Formula Botanica with giving her the foundational knowledge, expertise and confidence to develop her formulations. She then spent 2 years in research mode to combine ancient skincare rituals with modern, natural skincare science.

Each of Ekó Botanicals’ formulations is named after a great African warrior Queen, including the ancient Queen of Sheba, Makeda (960BC), the mother of the first imperial ruler of Ethiopia, as well as Queen Nefertiti (1292 BC), mother of Tutankhamun. Through her formulations, Apinke honours the ancient beauty practices have been admired and passed down through the ages, which she has harnessed to inspire a new modern skincare ritual that is deeply nourishing, calming for the mind and respectful to the planet.

Using nutrient-dense, premium quality plant oils and botanical extracts, rich in skin-loving vitamins and omega fatty acids, such as papaya, tamanu, moringa and kalahari melon, Apinke’s formulations cleanse, nourish and revitalise maturing skin, delivering optimal radiance and condition.

Watch our interview with Apinke now to see how your life could also be transformed by studying with Formula Botanica.

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