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1. How to create an Organic Formulation

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3. How to become Globally Compliant

4. How to start your Organic Skincare Brand
Who are we?
Formula Botanica is the accredited online Organic Cosmetic Science School. Serving over 7,000 students in 150+ countries, we teach our award-winning online courses to show the world that anyone can formulate and to empower our students to change their lives through organic skincare.
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What's in the Free Video Training?
Free Training Part 1: How to Create an Organic Skincare Formulation
  • Learn: The 6 different types of ingredients you'll find in a formulation
  • Study: How those 6 ingredients are used
  • Understand: How to layer those ingredients to create skincare
  • Discuss: The different formulations made with these ingredients
  • Learn: How to stop being a DIYer and become a formulator
Free Training Part 2: How to Work with High Performance Skincare Ingredients
  • Discover: What a cosmeceutical skincare ingredient is
  • Study: Three different types of high performance ingredients
  • Research: How each of these three ingredient types work on the skin
  • Learn: Why and how you would use high performance ingredients
  • Understand: When you should and shouldn't use cosmeceuticals
Free Training Part 3: How to Make Globally Compliant Skincare Formulations
  • Learn: What cosmetic regulations are and why we need them
  • Find out: Which are the toughest cosmetic regulations globally
  • Understand: Which tests and safety checks are required
  • Study: How to get your paperwork under control
  • Receive: Our 8-step global cosmetic compliance checklist
Free Training Part 4: How to become a Professional Organic Skincare Formulator
  • Understand: What it takes to become an organic skincare formulator
  • Find out: How to start a beauty brand anywhere in the world
  • Learn: Which education you'll need to get started
  • Discover: What it's like to study with Formula Botanica
  • Receive: A very special offer, just for you...
By studying our award-winning formulation framework for free, you could eventually become a formulator and make skincare like this:
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