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Absolutely! We are an online school and all of the Diplomas and Certificates we offer are available online. Formula Botanica has taught many hundreds of students in dozens of countries around the world.

Our foundation Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation is set up for complete beginners with no experience with skincare formulating, while most of our other courses require certain levels of formulation experience (see each individual course for more info). A background in herbalism, aromatherapy, pharmacology, chemistry or biology is a bonus.

All Formula Botanica courses come with graded assignments to test your knowledge, experience and course progress. These tests consist of open exam questions, multiple choice questions and practical formulation assignments.

Formula Botanica does not provide ingredients and/or equipment to students who take our courses. We have hundreds of students in many dozens of countries around the world so we’re sure you can appreciate that this is not feasible! Not only would it be a logistical nightmare, but it would also mean we would need to put our prices up considerably. Each course comes with bonus access to our Student Resources Library where you can download our recommended supplier list. This list is updated annually and consists of companies all around the world who provide top quality natural and organic skincare ingredients and packaging materials.

We welcome you into our private tuition group on Facebook for students & graduates where we keep you up to date with everything that’s happening. We also sign you up to our School newsletter which goes out once a month with all the latest industry gossip, popular threads from the Facebook group and exclusive insider information about Formula Botanica.

Course Delivery

Once you sign up with Formula Botanica and register your online account with our website, you are enrolled onto your course so that you can access it from your Virtual Learning Environment. You then go through each of the modules online and at the end of each unit we provided you with downloadable files that contain the course content. Each module finishes with a graded test which is generally a mix of multiple choice, open questions and practical formulation assignments.

It depends on the course you’re taking. Our Diplomas are set up to take between 3-6 months – although this depends entirely on how much time you practice formulating. Our Certificates are set up to take between 1-4 months. Some of our students set aside time to study for their courses full-time, whereas some students have other commitments which means they follow their courses part-time.

Again, this depends on how much time you decide to practice formulating. However, as a rule of thumb we recommend that you set aside 6-8 hours per week for the duration of your course. So if you are studying for our foundation Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation then you will need about 75-100 hours to complete your course. The majority of this time will be spent formulating.

Each course comes with assignments which are graded by one of our expert team. You will also be invited to join our private Facebook support group for students and graduates which combines the knowledge and experience of hundreds of formulators around the world.

This depends on which course you’re doing.

  • Diploma – 2 years
  • Certificate – 6-12 months
  • Tutor Training Program – 1 year
  • Skincare Expert Program – 2 years
  • International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program – 3 years

If you are enrolling for a course that is available for enrolment all year long, then you will receive immediate access. If you are enrolling for a course that has a set start date, then you will receive confirmation of your enrolment with further access details to follow when the course starts.

Course Content

If you have no formulation experience, we recommend that you start with our foundation Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation. This course is designed to take you from complete beginner to organic skincare formulator in just a few months.

Most people with some formulation experience enrol on our Advanced Diploma in Organic Skincare Science, and then add one or more Certificates to their learning package. In order to take the Advanced Diploma we typically expect you to be able to formulate 100% natural facial, body and spa products, know the basics of aroma-blending, understand the basics of skin anatomy and physiology and know the legalities of starting up a natural skincare business.

Formula Botanica is different to most other online skincare schools because we don’t want you to be a “recipe follower”. Our courses teach you to become a skilled formulator, work with the ingredients that you love the most and design products that reflect you, your ethos and your personality.

We will show you sample recipes to get you started but we expect you to go beyond recipe following and find your voice in skincare formulating. Being unique in your formulations is the key to success and will ultimately help you gain a loyal following once you sell your products.

We focus completely on 100% natural skincare, derived from plants or other natural sources. We know that other online courses claim to be all-natural and then teach you to use synthetic ingredients, but we are not one of those schools. We teach you how to use natural preservatives and natural emulsifiers and base our courses on the latest cutting edge ingredients in natural and organic cosmetic science. We base all of our teachings on proper research and back up all lessons with peer-reviewed science.

When you enrol with Formula Botanica, we offer you the following bonuses:

  • Access to our Student Resources Library
  • Access to our Supplier Guide with over 270 global suppliers
  • Access to our Scientific Research Library
  • Invite to join our peer and tutor support group
  • Access to our regular live teaching webinars and recordings
  • Free promotion for your business after graduation

Yes, you’ll receive a Formula Botanica Certificate of Completion once you have successfully completed your course. The Certificate will include the name of the course you’ve just completed and the date on which you successfully completed your last module. It is sent to you electronically so that you can download, print and frame it!


When you access the Formula Botanica website, there is a ‘Student Login’ link at the top of the page. Click on this link and type in your username & password to login to the website. Then when you click on ‘My Courses’ you will automatically be directed through to your personalised homepage where you can access all of your courses at the last module you completed.

We don’t have access to your passwords, these are held securely by our membership software. If you have forgotten your password, please click on ‘forgotten password’ when you go to login. You will then be guided through the process of setting up a new password.

All of your coursework is assessed by one of our expert team and we keep to office hours. Coursework is typically graded twice per week on set days. We love the fact that you are keen to progress onto your next modules, but we kindly ask that you remember that there is a human being marking your work and helping you with your formulations so we cannot return your grades instantly.

That’s correct. You progress through your coursework module by module, so you don’t have instant access to all of the course materials in one go. When you first enrol for your course, you will therefore only have access to the first module and you ‘unlock’ modules as you move through the courses.

We double check all requests to join our Facebook group for students & graduates against student enrolment information, so if you use a different name on Facebook you will need to let us know so that we can approve your request.

Please contact us. We are here to help you and to make sure that your access runs smoothly. We want to make sure that you enjoy your learning experience with Formula Botanica!


We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, which is stipulated in our Terms & Conditions. We want you to be happy with your purchase but we recognise that circumstances sometimes change and that you may change your mind. If that is the case, just contact us and we will refund you your course fees in full.

We accept payment by credit card or by PayPal. Our credit card handler accepts most major credit cards, as does PayPal. Unfortunately we currently cannot take payment over the phone or by e-mail, so we do require that you use our secure checkout to complete your purchase.

We only accept payment plans for our large course packages and these are listed on the individual pages for our Skincare Expert Program and our International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program. Our Terms & Conditions (section 4) explain all requirements in more detail.

Formula Botanica is an online small privately-run school so we currently do not offer scholarships or military discounts. We do however occasionally run special offer discounts and we welcome you to sign up for our mailing list and follow us on Facebook to be the first to hear about any discount codes.

Yes, our payment processors (Worldpay + PayPal) use encrypted technology as part of our checkout system. Make sure you can see the little lock next to the web address in the top bar of your browser when you make payment. All of your credit card data is securely handled by our payment handlers and is not stored on any of our servers.

Only if you live in the EU. We are obliged to charge a mandatory 20% tax as part of all of our courses for EU students (unless you are a VAT-registered business outside of the UK). Tax is automatically calculated in your course fees.

If you live outside of the EU, all of our courses are tax-free.

If you want a VAT invoice for your course, please send us an e-mail and we will be happy to create one for you.

Tutor Licencing

Because you will then have a recognised global brand behind you when you teach people how to make organic skincare. Formula Botanica has students and graduates in many dozens of countries around the world which highlights the global demand for organic skincare tuition. We provide you with all of our world-class teaching materials, ready-to-go teaching plans and help you get set up to teach your workshops anywhere in the world. We also redirect any enquiries we receive for live teaching in your part of the world and we showcase you on our Licenced Tutor map.

The annual Tutor Licence costs £100 (approx. $150) which is due on the anniversary of signing your licence agreement. The first year is free as part of your overall course fees.

When you become a Formula Botanica Licenced Tutor, you are licenced to teach the face-to-face workshops listed in your Licence Agreement which is a signed contract between you and Formula Botanica. These workshops currently include:

  • Organic Anti-Ageing Skincare
  • Facial Masque Therapy
  • Chocolate Spa Products

These are some of our most popular courses and also the most fun to teach in a face-to-face setting.

No, we only licence you to teach our Formula Botanica branded courses in live workshops. All of our teaching materials are copyrighted to Formula Botanica and are licenced to you for use for the duration of your licence agreement.

About Us

The Formula Botanica courses were written by a number of different people, who all have experience in organic skincare formulating. The original author of many of the Formula Botanica courses was Star Khechara, author of the Holistic Beauty Book but since then the course materials have been regularly revised by the rest of our team to keep them up to date.

Formula Botanica is accredited by the Open & Distance Learning Quality Council(ODLQC), a UK independent education accreditation body and a member of the European Association of Distance Learning.

ODLQC has undertaken a rigorous assessment of Formula Botanica’s teaching methods and distance learning materials to ensure that you have a high quality learning experience with Formula Botanica. This accreditation is a quality mark to demonstrate that when you study with Formula Botanica, you will receive the materials, methods and support you need in order to achieve your educational goals.

Please also have a look at the testimonials provided by our students and some of the graduate businesses set up by students who completed their courses with Formula Botanica.

Formula Botanica’s accreditation with the Open & Distance Learning Quality Council cannot be passed on to students or graduates. It is a quality mark to guarantee that our teaching methods and materials are of good quality and will allow you to achieve our stated learning objectives.

We update the course materials annually. We recognise that it is important to keep up to date with all the latest changes in the industry and we want to make sure that our students have access to this information. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your course materials are maintained at the highest standard.

Unlike other schools or homemade websites we have seen who churn out a multitude of identical skincare makers each year, we work only with individuals who are determined to launch a special brand whilst helping to push the boundaries of organic skincare design. We don’t train you to be a recipe follower, we teach you to be an organic skincare innovator.

We also don’t train you how to use synthetic ingredients. We recommend that you always check with other training providers as to whether they use synthetic ingredients.

Formula Botanica is simply the only accredited school out there that will teach you how to create your own unique skincare, how to only use natural and organic ingredients and how to bring a high performance element to your skincare range.

Yes we are. Formula Botanica is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers and our UK Provider Reference Number is 10052687.

After Graduation

Once you graduate from Formula Botanica, we don’t stop supporting you – we feature all of our graduates regularly on our blog, in our newsletter and on social media. Your success is our success so we want you to do well. We help all of our graduates promote their skincare businesses and we help all of our tutors promote their workshops. All you have to do is keep in touch with us!

Yes, absolutely. We strongly encourage you to get the right kind of insurance for the country in which you live. That will often be product liability insurance, but you might want to consider a range of other types of insurance too – including public liability insurance if you sell directly to the public and some kind of e-Risk insurance if you sell through a website.

Have a look at some of our graduates and what they are currently doing! Many of them have gone on to set up their own natural skincare businesses, but some of our graduates design private label products for other skincare manufacturers, some combine their love of natural skincare with a holistic nutrition business, some teach our skincare workshops around the world. There are many options available to you. In fact, our Advanced Diploma covers a whole section on career options in the world of natural skincare and Continuing Professional Development.


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